Ditch the expectations and get married instead!

Elopement Photographers + Planning Assistants

What if we told you to..

Skip the cookie cutter wedding and elope instead?

And what if that decision allowed you to create an experience that is both memorable and completely you?

Planning a stuffy wedding day was never your thing.

We get it… We hate the thought of doing things the “normal way”. We DO NOT want the pressure of doing things that go against the thing that we value the most: Being our true and authentic self.

Instead, you want to focus on what truly matters on your wedding day: The personalized experience that you create for you and your partner.


Making the decision to elope is not easy, especially surrounded by outside pressure.

You Don’t have to do this alone.

Let us be your cool photographer+planning assistants and help you plan a dope, totally “you” elopement … but not to the courthouse. You can create an intimate, meaningful moment that focuses on the one thing that matters the most: You and your partner.

Let nature be your decoration, and runaway to epic landscapes instead!

Why We Do What We Do.

I (Laura) never dreamt about walking down an aisle. I have struggled jumping from being “normal” or emulating what is socially acceptable to just being my own damned self. Hugo and I always wanted to create our own special path in life but coming from very traditional Mexican families, it has always been a struggle between what is right conventionally and what is right for us.

When we think about an elopement we think about all the non-conforming possibilities. We think about the freedom of self-expression, the go with the flow vibes and the sense of adventure but in a very private and intimate way.

Creating a space where couples feel that they are able to walk around with boogers because it’s cold and dirty dresses without being judged is the type of space we want to be a part of. We promise we will have tissues just in case though! LOL. We want to empower couples to get married surrounded by those that make them feel comfortable to be themselves, even if that’s just their partner. So let us explore with you in your new adventure so that:

Together We Will Roam.



Receive the coolest photos of your special day! 


We know when the best lighting is out to get the best pictures possible on your special day. That is why we help you curate a timeline for your day for a seamless experience!


We help our couples find the perfect location for their outdoor elopement.

** Elopements with over 10 guests must reserve a location that allows for over 10 guest capacity. Location scouting is only available for elopements under 10 guests.


We can help you find the right vendors by sending you recommendations from our preferred vendors list!

You Need More Than Just A “Wedding” Photographer…

You need an expert. Someone who can help you with location ideas and suggestions. You need someone that can help you every step of the way!  Thats what we are here for. We want to make your day as seamless as possible.

Meet Laura + Hugo

Hey Guys!

We’re Laura & Hugo Bertaud, a married team of Elopement Photographers in love with wild places. Our Vision is to mold an alternative wedding experience for couples who want to feel unbound of social standards. We believe in creating and capturing an atmosphere where couples are enabled to find a deeper connection to each other and the outdoors. We invite couples to be empowered to build an experience that reflects their true personal beliefs. We hope to give our couples a amazing elopement experience that they will remember 🙂

Based in Colorado and wherever you take us!


Looking to have a small wedding with less than 30 guests?

Are you looking to have your nearest and dearest present during your elopement? Sometimes we are lucky enough to have the best people around us that accept us just the way we are and we want them to be part of our special day. Small/Micro weddings are an awesome choice if you can decide on eloping/having a tiny wedding! You can always bring elopement vibes into your intimate wedding by reading your vows in a private location just the two of you at sunrise then meeting up with the fam later to celebrate! 

A guest count over 10 people will require you will have to have a location reserved to accommodate your guests. Together We Roam does not offer location scouting for events over 10 guests. We can suggest a few locations that we know about but most outdoor areas can only accommodate up to 10 people so think of Airbnb rentals, smaller venues etc. Check out the resources below to help with your small wedding!

We believe these experiences are for everyone

We want to redefine the image you see when we think outdoorsy. We don’t believe that having a badass outdoor wedding requires you to be a certain color, sexual orientation,weight, shape etc. We believe in inspiring couples to do what they want on their wedding day regardless what the world says. We want you to make your own mold, not try to fit in the one that was already made by society.

Contact us to get started!