Small Wedding Venues in Colorado

You are probably here because you decided to ditch the big wedding and have something smaller instead. Colorado is home to some of the best locations for your small wedding or elopement! The possibilities are endless. Here is a list of the top 24 intimate wedding or elopement ceremony only/ceremony+reception locations in Colorado:

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Best Ceremony-Only Locations:

1.) Sprague Lake:

Nestled in Rocky Mountain National Park, Sprague Lake is one of the few designated ceremony spots in this breathtaking park. It is perfect for those looking for an accessible spot with a lake view. 

  • Capacity:

Summer capacity: 15 guests & 3 cars

Winter Capacity: 30 guests & 10 cars (Friday before Memorial Day weekend through Columbus Day)

  • Rental Fee: 

$300 rental fee. For more Information click here.

  • Pro Tip:

Have your ceremony on the dock overlooking the lake that way other park visitors  don’t walk in front of your photographer while they are taking your ceremony pictures!

Directions to Sprague Lake

2.) Upper Beaver Meadows:

This spot is also part of Rocky Mountain National Park! This has to be one of the most private ceremony locations on their list. If you are into big open meadows this is the perfect place for you. 

  • Capacity:
    60 guests & 10 cars
  • Rental Fee: 

$300 rental fee. Check out more info here.

Pro tip:

There is also a picnic area nearby if you decide to have an impromptu reception with your guests, or you can use it to have an actual picnic+champagne toast!


Check our Devin and Leah’s fun, small wedding day HERE!

Directions to Upper Beaver Meadows

Upper Beaver Meadows Elopement

3.) 3m Curve

3M Curve also known as Longs Peak Viewpoint is one of the most scenic approved ceremony spots in Rocky Mountain National Park. If you are looking for that mountain vibe, you should definitely check this spot out!

  • Capacity:

15 guests & 3 cars

  • Rental Fee:

$300 rental fee. Check out more info on permits here.  

  • Pro Tip:

Don’t skimp out on an adventure shoot at Trail Ridge Road after your ceremony if it is open during your wedding day. Also try to minimize the amount of cars you will bring since this spot is just a pull off area!

Directions to 3m curve

3m curve wedding
3m curve

4.) Chautauqua Park:

Next up-Chautauqua park in Boulder is one popular spot for small weddings and elopements. Being that it is the best view of the Flatirons in Boulder, this makes for a very accessible and picturesque ceremony location! 

  • Capacity:

Between 50-100 guests (per website-please call to confirm) You can get more info here.

Car capacity: Unknown

  • Rental Fee:

Call Boulder Parks and Recreation for rental fees here.

  • Pro Tip:

Sunrise ceremonies are best for more privacy. Make sure you drive up to Lost Gulch for your portraits, you will NOT regret it!

Directions to Chautauqua Park

5.) Garden of the Gods:

Looking for a red rock desert feel? Then this spot is for you! Garden of the Gods is one of the most visited parks in the Pikes Peak region. Don’t miss out on the epic sandstone formations and get married here!

  • Capacity:

Up to 50 guests depending on the ceremony site.

  • Rental Fee:

Free. They now only have 6 designated locations for ceremonies. Check out more here.

  • Pro Tip:

Make sure you are there for sunset for amazing golden hour pictures.  Sunrises are also great to avoid crowds!

Directions to Garden Of The Gods

small colorado wedding venues

6.) The Great Sand Dunes:

Colorado is home to a variety of landscapes. One of our National Parks is The Great Sand Dunes- an amazing sight to see! Think of having your boho themed ceremony here. It has great mountain backdrops and miles worth of sand landscape! Check out how to get married here.

  • Capacity:

Unspecified; 10 guests or less advised.

  • Rental Fee:

$100 Rental Fee. More info here.

  • Pro Tip:

Stop by Zapata Falls for an added adventure!

Directions to The Great San Dunes National Park

The great Sand Dunes National Park Elopement

7.) Paint Mines Interpretive Park:

This is probably the only spot but you will find in the South Eastern part of Colorado with the ability to leave you in AWE. If you are looking for colorful desert feels make sure you check out paint mines interpretive Park for your Colorado elopement! 

  • Capacity:

Unspecified; 10 guests or less advised.

  • Rental Fee:

Unspecified. You must contact the County office regarding rental fees. You can find El Paso County information here.

  • Pro Tip:

Wear a black dress instead of a white one to stand out within the beautiful color formations. an unconventional dress for an unconventional location. Just make sure you don’t lean on the rocks because they are chalk-like consistency and you can stain your dress or break the rock.

Directions to Paint Mines Interpretive Park

8.) Maroon Bells:

There is a reason this is the most photographed mountain area in the entire state of Colorado. This  location has some of the most beautiful scenery! It is the perfect area for mountain wedding pictures and it looks great in any season! 

  • Capacity:

50 guests max & 5 car passes 

  • Rental Fee:

$200 rental fee.Reserve here.

  • Pro Tip:

Maroon Bells has the best views at sunrise when Alpenglow hits the peaks!  Because of this many tourists and photographers like to wake up early to get  a quick snapshot. Make sure you rent out the Amphitheatre area so that you can have a private location to experience the sunrise at Maroon Bells. 

Directions to Maroon Bells

9.)Colorado National Monument:

If Utah and Colorado had a baby it would be called Colorado National Monument.  This location has the best desert vibes in the entire state! 

  • Capacity:

Depending on ceremony location. 25  guests max & Limit the amount of vehicles.

  • Rental Fee:

$150 rental fee. More infor here.

  • Pro Tip:

Make sure you drive throughout the entire park and make stops to get different landscape pictures with you in them! 

Directions To Colorado National Monument

small wedding in colorado
Colorado National Monument

10.) Sapphire Point :

This is a Breckenridge favorite! It has amazing views of  Dillon Lake and it is a great accessible spot for a winter elopement!

  • Capacity:

35 guests Max & Public parking(between 20-30 car capacity)

  • Rental Fee:

$110 rental fee; 2 hours max. Reserve here.

  • Pro Tip:

Book your ceremony during the week to avoid the crowds! Also explore the shore area near the lake for beachy feel photos!

Directions to Sapphire Point

11.) Loveland Pass

If you are looking for an ultimate High Country experience, choose Loveland Pass as your ceremony site. Loveland Pass sits at almost 12,000 ft and it is surrounded by some of the most breathtaking views. it is super close to Denver and Breckenridge making it a perfect spot for ceremonies that also have a reception elsewhere. 

  • Capacity:

Unspecified. Best for parties under 10 guests.

  • Rental Fee:

Contact White River National Forest as new permitting has been put in place. 

  • Pro Tip:

This location is cooler than most due to the elevation. The best weather will be July through Mid September. 


Check out Tifanny and Alex at their Loveland Pass Elopement HERE.

Directions to Loveland Pass

12.) Julias Deck:

Perfect spot overlooking Mount of the Holy cross, Julias Deck or Observation Deck in Vail is the perfect spot for your ceremony. It can be reserved 2-3 hours.

  • Capacity:

30 guests

  • Rental Fee:

Call the Holy Cross Ranger District to reserve. 970-827-5715

  • Pro Tip:

Makes sure you let your guests know its a short walk to the deck and to dress according to mountain weather!

Directions to Julias Deck:  Located 3.7 miles west of Vail Pass on Shrine Pass Road (Forest Service Road 712)

13.) Marmot Burrow Amphitheater

Gorgeous setting for “forest” feel ceremonies in Colorado and only about 45 minutes from Denver!

  • Capacity

60 guests

  • Rental Fee

$100 rental fee.

  • Pro Tip

Use the park to your advantage and go on a small adventure for your portraits. Fall is exceptionally beautiful here.

Directions to Marmot Burrow Amphitheater

Best Ceremony And Small Reception Locations:

14.) Red Barn Picnic Area In Golden Gate Canyon State Park :

This wedding venue offers a unique and private experience at Golden Gate Canyon State Park. It is perfect for couples looking to have an intimate outdoor wedding experience along with their loved ones! 

  • Capacity:

150 Guests Max + 25 reserved parking spots

  • Rental Fee:

$200 rental fee (Sat and Sun) $150 rental fee ( Mon-Fri). Car passes available for $9 each. More info here.

  • Pro Tip:

Rent a portable speaker and play your favorite playlist!  The barn has power outlets and you can bring your own food but we highly recommend bringing your own caterer like a taco truck or something! 

Directions to Red Barn Picnic Area

15.) Chief Hosa Lodge:

This is the perfect Game of Thrones vibe location for your intimate wedding! It is not too far from Denver and you will still get amazing mountain views right outside! 

  • Capacity:

95 guests  + 40 Cars + 4 ADA accessible cars

  • Rental Fee:

Up to $270/ hour depending on date and time. 4 hour rental minimum. Check out their fees page here.

  • Pro Tip:

Have your ceremony in the back area surrounded by the beautiful pine trees.

Directions to Chief Hosa Lodge

16.) Bristlecone Inn:

Bristlecone Inn is the perfect little venue for your Estes Park intimate wedding. If you are looking for a cabin type venue this is the spot for you. 

  • Capacity:

60 guests max

  • Rental Fee:

May-October $1000 November-April $500. Check out their site here.

  • Pro Tip:

Get a permit to take your pictures at Rocky Mountain National Park. Do not skimp on this Rocky Mountain National Park has some of the best views in Estes Park! 

Directions to Bristle Cone Inn

17.) YMCA of the Rockies:

This venue is also located in Estes Park. Rocky Mountain National Park is basically the backyard of the YMCA making this a perfect location for on-the-spot pictures! 

  • Capacity:

Depending on location some up to 150 guests .

  • Rental Fee:

Depending on location. Check out pricing here.

  • Pro Tip:

Definitely head in to RMNP for some sunset pictures at Moraine Park!

Directions to YMCA of the Rockies

ymca of the rockies elopement
YMCA of the rockies wedding

18.) Sunrise Amphitheater :

One of the best views of Boulder can be seen at this ceremony location. 

  • Capacity:

 150 guests max & limited public trail head parking.

  • Rental Fee:

$400 rental fee. More info here.

  • Pro Tip:

Head out to Lost Gulch for your first look! You wont regret the views!

Directions to Sunrise Amphitheater 

19.) River Crest Cabins

If you are looking for a location where you can slow down and enjoy your wedding day slowly this is the location for you. Make sure you look up their three nights celebration package  for the ultimate mountain cabin wedding experience! 

  • Capacity:

75 guests

  • Rental Fee:

Site Fee starts at $3000. Check out their prices here.

Directions to River Crest Cabins

20.) Rifle Falls State Park

Colorado doesn’t have many waterfalls but the ones it does have are great!  if you are looking to get

  • Capacity:

50 guests max + limited public parking

  • Rental Fee:

$120 rental fee + car pass. More info here.

  • Pro Tip:

Jump in the water for some cool memories and pictures !

Directions to Rifle State Park 

Rifle State Park

21.) The Observatory at Alta Lakes

This cabin venue can be found in Telluride; one of the coolest mountain towns in the state. This venue offers the perfect high country experience!

  • Capacity:

45 guests max

  • Rental Fee:

Contact for more info!

  • Pro Tip:

Be prepared with a four-wheel drive vehicle for a bumpy yet scenic ride to this location!

colorado small weddiing venue
Hiking elopement in secret location; Boulder County

22.) Piney River ranch

Piney River Ranch has it all. If you are looking for an all-inclusive option with lodging catering and amazing scenery this is the spot for you. This venue has the ultimate Colorado experience written all over it!

  • Capacity:

0-200 guests

  • Rental Fee: 

Email for pricing!

  • Pro Tip:

 Stay at one of their glamping tents for an unforgettable experience!

Directions to Piney River Ranch

23.) San Sophia Overlook

If you are looking for a spot with sweeping Mountain View look no further! San Sophia overlook has 360 mountain views and you ride a free gondola to get to it!

  • Capacity:

250 guests

  • Rental Fee:

Call Telluride Ski resort for info: (970) 728-7440.

  • Pro Tip:

Make sure you get pictures riding the gondola!

Directions to San Sophia Overlook

24.) Juniper Mountain House

25.) TreeHaus

26.) Flagstaff House

27.) Small Airbnb Weddings

These often get overlooked. There are many small Airbnb venues that can host your intimate wedding. Check out out Airbnb and other private rentals guide to see how you can have your wedding at a private home rental!  

Airbnb Wedding Guide

small wedding venues in colorado
Colorado Airbnb Wedding in Breckenridge

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