3 fun ways to announce that you eloped.

How do you announce that you are eloping?

Choosing to elope is not always an easy decision for many reasons out of our control. You made the decision to make the day intentionally about you and your partner and came to the conclusion that eloping was the best thing for you. Announcing you elopement can be a scary thought, especially when you think you may feel backlash from your loved ones.

Do it when you are ready.

Feeling ready to have this conversation with your loved ones is a must. Wait until you feel it is the right time!

Be prepared with the right words.

Being prepared with what you want to say and how you want to approach the conversation is super helpful. Having an explanation of why it was important for you to elope and sympathizing with your loved ones because they couldn’t be there! And nor all elopements are just the couple some include family too!

When should you send your elopement announcement?

Whenever you are ready! Once you have eloped it is your choice when you want to share it to the world. If you want to tell everyone right away, sharing on social media is definitely the fastest but maybe you want to do something more special that might take more time to put together. At the end of the day you need to decide the best way to announce your elopement and that will factor in when you should send out announcements for the world to see!

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What can your elopement announcement say?

Climbing elopement in colorado

Keep it Simple.

Short frases that get to the point are the best. Consider things like :

  • We Eloped!
  • We just could wait
  • Let the real adventure begin
  • We said yes

The add a date, photo and other details as needed!

Elopement announcement ideas:

1. Host a formal get together and show a video clip of your epic elopement ceremony.

Sending out a formal party invite and revealing your elopement ceremony video is a great way to include your loved ones on your elopement day.

2. Make We Eloped Post cards to send to your loved ones.

If you are looking to keep it simple, make a fun sign that says ” We Eloped” During your elopement portrait session. Print out post cards and send them out with links to your gallery and ceremony video(if any) for everyone to see!

3. Announce Your elopement on Social Media.

The easiest and fastest way to announce your elopement. If your family members can not get together send them a Facebook Group Invite and pick a day to announce your elopement on the group. Share you gallery link, share a ceremony video or do a live video! This can be a super fun and easy way to share the news.

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