A Spring Hiking Elopement In Idaho Springs, Colorado

A Spring Adventure Elopement 

When K & M reached out to us about their elopement plans, we just knew we had to work with this kind, awesome pair! They knew that having an adventure elopement in Colorado was right for them (especially because Katie has a bad ass adventurous spirit!) and we couldn’t wait to help start planning the thing! 

They hiked up to one of our favorite hikes in Colorado with a few loved ones, got dressed in some of the coolest dressing rooms you’ll ever see, shared their vows on top of a mountain with epic views and hiked down the mountain as a married couple!.

Read More About K & M’s Experience First Hand On Katie’s Adventure Blog Here: https://adventurewithkatie.com/2022/10/07/our-adventure-elopement-story/

A Thing About Spring Weather In Colorado

K & M eloped in Mid-May and there was still a significant amount of snow on the trail! (we all had to wear ice spikes so we could prevent falls). Initially March seemed like the best time for K & M to do the thing! However if you have ever been to Colorado in March you know it is one of the most weather unstable (and still too cold) months of the year lol. They ended up choosing a date in May, which was more suitable for them and had more agreeable weather. Spring in the Colorado mountains is not like spring in other places. You’ll still find snow in most mountain locations and it will still be really cold especially if it gets windy! If you are looking to get married in the springtime in the mountains in Colorado, make sure to research your chosen location and the things that are accessible as well. A general rule of thumb is that most in not all places will be open and accessible after Memorial day. (This only applies to high elevation areas, you know the ones with the best views 🙂 ) 

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