Meet The Bertaud’s… & Our Dogs Too!

Hola! I am Laura

She/Her/Hers | Enneagram 7 | Photographer

It me, your photographer with green hair that loves to hang out with couples like you. If you believe that life is a big blank canvas for you to fill with love, meaning, and a WHOLE LOTTA’ FUN, then it’s no accident that you’ve landed on our page…it’s fate!!

Creating a space where couples feel that they are able to walk around with boogers because it’s cold, get dirt on their wedding clothes because they hiked in it, and love who they want to without being judged is the type of space I want to be a part of. && I promise I will have tissues just in case too lol!

I never dreamt of walking down an aisle because the traditional wedding thing wasn’t for me. Getting married is such an intimate decision and the thought of having a crowd watch makes it feel so uncomfortable. I want couples to get married surrounded by those that make them feel free to be themselves, even if that’s just their partner, and eloping let’s you do that! If you’re ready to start filling up that blank marriage corner on your canvas with a fun adventure, hit us up and let’s get it started!

Hola! I am Hugo

He/Him/His | Enneagram 9 | Videographer

It’s your Videographer here, ready to turn your day into the film it deserves to be. You will probably see me get into a bunch of weird positions and maybe even rip my pants while I’m at it, but I promise the unintentional entertainment has its purpose.

As a person who has never liked being the center of attention, I feel so at home with elopements and intimate weddings. I love how the day truly feels like it belongs to you the couple and it makes me so happy to be allowed to lend my own touch of art to your day.

I truthfully believe that we all have our own special way of loving one another and no one way is better than the next. So why not get married the way that means most to you, and have the chance to show the world that’s how you roll! No second thoughts or regrets because you deserve to be yourself always!

We are always so busy taking photos of you two that we forget to snap a quick photo with you! If you work with us don’t let us forget!

Fun Facts About Us

We have both lived in Colorado our entire lives and we have loved every bit of it! We currently live in Denver and love to spend our time hiking, exploring, driving etc. throughout the state. You’ll usually find us drinking a beer at home, trying out random sports like badminton (we suck btw lol), camping with our dogs in our Jeep, hanging out with friends, or binge watching movies/shows once month because we don’t really watch TV!

  • The one who will be talking to you the entire time
  • Photographer For Together We Roam
  • Loves to eat anything Gummy
  • Cries at sad dog videos and continues to watch them
  • Loves the outdoors
  • Used to eat leaves with lime and salt when she was a kid.
  • Also claims you didn’t enjoy your childhood if you didn’t eat dirt
  • Went to Cosmetology School when she was 16
  • Doesn’t like to shop for more than 5 minutes
  • Thinks In n’ Out Burger + Running is overrated
  • Enjoys being super active (climbing stuff+hiking)
  • Loves to travel
  • Doesn’t remember any actors or references to movies/shows because I don’t watch TV like that
  • Doesn’t know how to swim
  • Videographer for Together We Roam
  • Loves the outdoors
  • Obsessed with sports (where’s my Broncos fans at?)
  • Likes to sweep the floors first then clean the counters to piss off Laura
  • Likes to eat ice cream- (the whole bucket) in one sitting
  • Loves to stay active
  • Loves to travel
  • Loves to shop for over 5 minutes
  • Acts like fly on the wall when taking pictures/video
  • Tried to sneak kiss on the first date with Laura but instead he asked for one
  • Destroyer of water lines
  • Professional Tree Eater and attention seeker
  • I Like to wake up at 5 am
  • My middle name is Angus
  • I need all the attention
  • I love the kisses
  • Don’t touch me when I sleep, it gets too hot
  • I whine for food and balls
  • I have a sick under bite
  • I am a shweet boy
  • They named me after the dalmatian on 101 dalmatians
  • You can follow me on Instagram @pongo_thewhiteboxer
  • Dirt is gross
  • Pongo is gross
  • I deserve to sleep on your bed
  • Don’t touch me peasant
  • I want attention…wait never mind
  • I am cute AF
  • I run this house
  • I am only 50 lbs
  • They named me after a Mortal Kombat fighter but I’m low-key scared of everything
  • Instagram is overrated

Some of our adventures:

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