Beauty Tips For your Outdoor Elopement

The million dollar question is here! We know most couples have the burning question in their head: How the heck am I going to be outdoors hiking or doing crazy stuff with full on GLAM?

To our adventure PARTNERS: We got you!

Well kind of. After working with so many eloping couples, there’s a few things we couldn’t help but notice! Also, Laura one of your awesome elopement photographers aka ME was (still is) a licensed cosmetologist once upon a time. So I hope I can be as helpful as possible! Check out a few tips I compiled if you are looking to elope in the great outdoors:

Outdoor hair Tips


You should choose hairstyle that makes you feel gorgeous no matter the circumstances. Since the outdoors is unpredictable, I recommend you consider your location for this one. Will you be hiking a long distance? Is there a possibility for wind or too much sweat? . Will your hair do uphold in the wind or will to be slapping your face and getting in your mouth during a windy ceremony? Will your curls hold up after a 6 mile sweaty hike to that alpine lake? My favorite is always half up and half down for the best of both worlds! Braided buns are always fun too!

Hair product

This is a must for updos and curls. Make sure you use quality product that won’t weigh your hair down but has a long lasting hold.

Backpacking and hair do’s

What if your location requires you to backpack there? How will your hair get don’t then? Heres a few things you can do:

  • Braid your hair for next day waves
  • Wear your natural hair
  • Watch youtube videos for heatless curls and get creative!
  • Bring lots of bobby pins so you can pin your heatless waves.
  • Bring a battery with your curling iron ( it can be heavy though)
  • Bring an adventure stylist with you! Yes they exist!

Hair Extensions

What if you don’t have enough hair for the style you want? Hair extensions for the win! Theres different types of extensions. Clip ons are easy and super common for bridal hairstyles. They are also affordable and can transform your hair into something amazing!

Outdoor Makeup Tips

My biggest tip to take away from this section is to keep your makeup as natural to YOU as possible. You don’t want to feel like another person on your elopement or wedding day. Make sure that your makeup reflects you in everyday possible!


Matte Waterproof Foundation

When it comes to the look of your skin on pictures, it is always better to not have shine on your face. That is why I recommend a matte look when choosing your foundation. This will be dependent on a lot of factors though like your skin type. Some matte foundations DO NOT look well on some skin. Also, waterproof makeup is always a good idea. Especially if you will be outdoors and possibly sweating.

Tinted Moisturizer

This is a great option for people with great skin or people who don’t typically wear foundation. Sometimes you just need a little color balancing and you don’t want to be in shock of how your skin looks with foundation.


I cannot stress this enough. Nothing is solid with out a great foundation. Picking an awesome primer will ensure that your foundation will have the perfect base to set on.

Setting Spray

Setting Spray is a must! This is your final step that will seal everything up. Setting spray will allow you to feel confident that your makeup won’t go smearing all over the place. A quality setting spray is necessity for outdoor adventure elopement makeup.


Matte Lipstick or lipgloss

Again with the matte! You don’t necessarily need to wear matte lipstick for your elopement day. Matte is just a great way to reduce shine in undesired places. In my experience matte lipsticks also stick very well and don’t stain your teeth!

Lip Tint or Stain

This is the best option in my opinion. Especially if you come to a dry place like Colorado. Lip Stains will mean no touch ups throughout the day and flawless color! This is great especially for hiking elopements.


If you are hiking you need chapstick end of story. Lipstick won’t do it sometimes and your lips will thank you.


EyeLash Extensions

Two words. Eyelash Extensions. Here is why you need lash extensions for your outdoor adventure elopement:

  • You can’t feel them, they feel like your own
  • They look flawless
  • They won’t melt off your face
  • You don’t have to struggle with lash glue
  • The last 2-4 weeks
  • You can’t get away with mascara only. Lashes complete a makeup look
  • You can use them to “look” glammed up with just your tinted moisturizer
  • Seriously guys the only downside is the expense and if you plan on wearing a lot of eyeshadow they are probably not for you.

Waterproof Mascara

If you are terrified of getting eyelash extensions, I guess waterproof mascara must do. I wouldn’t wear falsies just in case its windy and they fly away or your sweat breaks down the glue and they fall anyway. Unless you have an amazing glue, I wouldn’t recommend for outdoor elopements.


Waterproof Brow Gel, Brow Stain or Dye

Ahh brows. Something that is often overlooked Brows are definitely important and the best type of product to use are any type of waterproof gels or stains. You don’t want you brows melting off do you?

Things to avoid

  • Lipgloss– you don’t want your hair stuck on your mouth for 8 hours along with sticky hair.
  • Glitter– It is not flattering on pictures when it hits the wrong lighting!
  • Sunscreen that turns white and doesn’t melt away
  • Skipping a makeup trial if you plan on using professional services
  • Mascara that is not waterproof– what if you start sweating too much?
  • Lip Color that can stain your teeth and other stuff like your partner
  • Not having a small emergency kit to touch up

Professional Help

I know, you are probably overwhelmed with all the tips I just spewed out. Worry not! The tips above are base solely on my opinion and they are not for everyone. Makeup and Hair are SO MUCH MORE than a few products. Its an art, and it is always best to let a professional handle your beauty needs. Here are a few reasons why you should probably pay a professional to take care of your beauty needs:

Product Knowledge

They know exactly what type of products to use for your skin type AND the type of things you will be doing. Trust me, HMUA’s don’t just fix hair and paint faces all day long. The are amazing people that use their exceptional knowledge to glam you up in the best way possible for you. Just like us, they need to figure out logistics for your beauty needs. Do you need long-lasting foundation? Can you get away with wearing your hair down? Do you need a different type of foundation because you have overly dry skin and the air in Colorado won’t help? There is so much planning that goes along with this!

Skin and Hair Type

Do you know your skin type? Because I don’t LOL. A professional will definitely be able to help you pick the best things specifically for you. Also, hair texture/type has a big effect on the type of hairdos you can pull off!

Get Pampered

Finally, its your wedding day. You deserve to get pampered! Take this off your plate and let someone else worry about it. Plus, did you know that there are HMUA’s that also hike and can touch you up on the way up to your ceremony? Awesome right?

What to Pack in your mini touch up beauty bag

  • Blotting Paper- in case you get oily
  • Tissue- in case you get tears or boogers!
  • Chapstick
  • Hairties
  • Bobby Pins
  • Macara wand
  • Small Brush
  • Mini Deodorant
  • Lotion

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  1. This is such a great and helpful post! I love all of these tips about how to keep your hair and makeup on point for an outdoor elopement. I love the idea of having your hair in a braid before your elopement to get beautiful waves. And waterproof mascara is a MUST! Thank you for sharing these great tips!

  2. This is actually something most people probably never think of. Way to think outside the box and provide useful tips.

  3. As somebody who never wears makeup and doesn’t even own heat styling tools, this is seriously helpful. I find myself up creek without a paddle every time I need to know how to look presentable…100% appreciate the helpful (and low maintenance) tips here. Eyelash extensions are a great idea also…fake lashes scare the hell outta me haha

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