15 Reasons To Elope Instead And Skip The Big Wedding

Why Should You Elope?

If you value experiences over things, and would rather spend the day getting married to your best friend rather than confessing your love in front of 200 people you should elope instead. Choosing to elope opens so many awesome possibilities to be the version of you that reflect you best. Eloping is no longer running away and getting married in secret. It is choosing to have an intentional day doing what a wedding is actually all about: Getting married to you favorite person.

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These are the best reasons to elope instead:

1. Less Family Drama

Sometimes you just want to have a wedding day your way. Having a lot of guests can invite many types of opinions on your wedding day, even though they mean well. Eloping allows you to focus the day on your marriage and not the opinions of others.

2. Experiences Over Things

When you elope, the day is wide open to do anything you please. Instead of paying for a big one time thing, why not use the money to do something you’ve never done but wanted to? Maybe take a helicopter ride to an unreachable glacier to read your vows and mesh it up with your honeymoon stay instead of losing it on venue decor that usually ends up in the trash. You can even hike to an epic location and have an epic day adventuring with your best friend.

3. You suck at planning 

We don’t remember anyone teaching us how to plan a wedding at school or at home. Planning an elopement is much more simple and easier to do! There are locations like Colorado that allow you to self-solemnize– no witnesses required, have your dog sign as a witness (yes its legal in CO) and have epic scenery for your elopement. You’re in luck because we help you with all the basic planning part when you work with us. Contact us so we can start!

4. You Want To Do Something Others Haven’t Done Before

Elopements have been around for quite a while now, but they have changed the way people can get married. You can literally get married on top of a mountain on a random trail or in the forest on a random spot because of this. Choosing something different is never a bad thing and you want can choose a unique location nobody gotten married at before.

5. You Can Create The Ultimate Date With Your Partner

What would be the ultimate date day? Imagine how the day starts and finishes to be the most perfect day and then just incorporate your vows and be married!

6. Eloping Offers More Privacy

Making the decision to elope offers a more intimate approach to your wedding day. By eloping, you can choose to have your closest loved ones or be completely alone in the woods sharing your love with only your partner.

7. You Don’t Have To Feel Guilty About Not Having Guests During A Pandemic

Guest lists are one of the worst things you can think about. Who to invite and who not to invite. Getting rid of the guest list makes making decisions so much easier and now thanks to the pandemic, that should be a very easy and understandable decision.

8. You Can Have A Destination Elopement + Honeymoon All At Once

Elope where you are having your honeymoon!

9. Get Married Now, Party Later

Maybe you do want to celebrate with your loved ones but only after you get married with your partner. Eloping first gives you the opportunity to spend that moment with your partner without pressure of doing other things you don’t want to. Then you can plan to have aa more laid back “reception” party. That will give you the best of both worlds! Check out how you can plan a post-elopement party.

10. You’re Simple People

Maybe you are just simple and don’t care for big parties or being the center of attention. Eloping will be perfect for you!

11. You are introverted AF

Not everyone likes to be in the spotlight. If standing in front of a lot of people makes you cringe then having a big wedding is probably not a great idea for you.

12. You care about the environment

Seriously though how much trash do you think the average wedding produces? Paper plates, plastic spoons, styrofoam cups the list can go on and on. According to the book green bride guide the average wedding  produces 400 lbs of garbage. Eloping gives you the opportunity to use your surroundings as decor like scenic places and you can minimize your footprint by not having so many people at your elopement.

13. Its Cheaper

An average wedding in the U.S can cost up to$30,000 and that’s excluding the honeymoon costs. Higher-end elopements can cost half of that if not less! Eloping fits almost any budget well and it doesn’t leave couples in wedding debt.

14. You never dreamed of having a wedding

Some of us never dreamed of a big wedding and that’s okay. Good thing we have a variety of options to choose from!

15. You Are Just Super Cool And You Want To Follow Your Heart

Okay, this is just our opinion. Eloping is not for everyone but we think its pretty cool when a couple makes the decision to elope. Not including others in your wedding day is not an easy thing to decide. If that’s what makes your heart happy though, more power to you!

Looking to elope?

Hi friends!

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  1. YES to all of this! It’s important for couples to do what THEY want and not worry about others’ expectations. Thanks for writing this as they are all important reminders!!

  2. Totally agree with all of the reasons, guess I’ll be having an elopement then 🙂 Thank you for putting it into words so perfectly!

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