How To Elope In Boulder, CO | Planning & Elopement Locations

In this guide you will find places to elope in Boulder, tips on eloping there, and planning help for your Boulder Elopement. (From Colorado locals that have lived here our entire lives ;))

Why you would choose Boulder for an elopement location:

It’s accessible AF

One thing we love about Boulder is that it will be accessible any time of the year! It’s only 45 min from Denver, so it’s great if you’re coming from out of state. There’s also a variety of elopement spots suitable for elopement of just two to 30 people.

There’s a lot of activities to do

Boulder is an epitome for outdoor activities, great city life and exploring. Getting bored is not an option.

The cutest elopement locations

Like we mentioned, being so close to the mountains means epic scenery! You can see the majestic flatirons from almost anywhere in Boulder and they are only a few minutes away along with other mountain locations. 

There’s a TON of food and drink options

Boulder has to have some of the best food options. They have a variety of restaurants and breweries to choose from if you want to have a post elopement dinner celebration. 

Best Time To Visit Boulder For Your Elopement

If we have to choose the best time to elope in Boulder it would be in the spring- May & June! Although the city itself is pretty great year round, spring comes with cooler weather and greener mountains. Rain is pretty sparse in Colorado, since we are technically a high desert; meaning the “peak” time to see green grass and flowers can run from May through July. 

Boulder has something for everyone though! Since it sits at a lower elevation than other mountain towns, it can be a great option for wintertime elopements or for couples that may have an issue with altitude adjustment. Summers can feel a little hot here, but if planned right it can be a good time to elope too. If you want to learn more about the weather in Colorado, check out our weather planning guide!

How To Have An Epic Elopement In Boulder

It is hard not to have an epic day in Boulder, Colorado. There are a few things that will set you up for success on your elopement day and don’t worry they are pretty simple! 

Activities + Location

First off, thinking about the types of activities you would love to incorporate or experience on your day is super important! Will you be hiking? Are you going to ride a hot air balloon? WIll you have a private dinner at your cool airbnb or will you be making dinner reservations at a fancy restaurant?  Thinking about all of these first will help you find the perfect spot to elope in Boulder as well! Check out some cool location ideas in the next section!


Once you have an idea about where and what you are doing, having a rough timeline of the day will help you coordinate vendors etc. Creating timelines for couples is a big part of our job at Together We Roam so if making a timeline that makes sense for the day stresses you out, make sure you contact us- we can help! 

Here is an example timeline of what a simple sunrise elopement can look like in Boulder:

  • 4:00 AM- Getting ready photos at your awesome AirBnb
  • 5:00 AM- Begin Driving In Separate Cars To Lost Gulch For A First Look
  • 5:30 AM- Arrive At Lost Gulch And Do A First Look Between The Pine Trees
  • 5:45 AM- Begin Your Ceremony At Lost Gulch As The First Light Touches Your Faces
  • 6:00 AM- Finish Up Ceremony and Pop Some Bubbly!
  • 6:10 AM- Have an Adventure Photoshoot
  • 7:10 AM- Find A Spot For Your Picnic Breakfast Overlooking The Layers Of Mountains
  • 8:00 AM- Enjoy A Private First Dance 
  • 8:05 AM – Change Your Clothes ( If You Want) And Head Over To Boulder Reservoir And Spend The Morning Kayaking!
  • 10:00 AM- Freshen Up And Get Ready For A Fun Lunch Date Near Pearl St. Mall

Then spend the day doing other fun things or relaxing as a married couple! 

Where To Get Your Marriage License 

Getting your marriage license is a pretty important step for your elopement. You can pick it up at the Boulder County Clerk and Recorder located on 1750 33rd St, Boulder, CO 80301. You will need $30, proper ID and your social security number. Many offices are only doing online appointments due to Covid-19 so make sure you research the office you are visiting to see if you can walk in or need to schedule something. 

Special Use/ Commercial Permits 

Most outdoor areas in the state of Colorado have a special use or commercial permit- meaning you must apply and pay a small fee to use the land for your elopement. Think about it as a way to upkeep some areas and keep them monitored for overuse. The permit fees can range from 0$-500. We help our couples find this information through county offices, rangers etc. It can feel overwhelming sometimes which is why that is part of our service!

You can find the Special-Use Permit information for Boulder here. If you have a professional photographer/vendor they must have a Commercial Use Permit. It is only $50 and you can find that info here.

Top Boulder Elopement Locations

Lost Gulch

Lost Gulch is one of Boulders most popular elopement locations and for good reason! The large rock outcropping has the ultimate mountain overlook and it is only a short walk fro the parking lot. Popularity comes along with crowds so if you are looking to elope here we highly recommend during the week at sunrise.

Chautauqua Park

Another well known area in Boulder is Chautauqua Park boasting the epic view of the Flatirons. This spot is easily accessible to the town of Boulder which also makes it a busy area. Sunrise can be epic here though and there is so much land to disperse in making it easy to feel more secluded from the crowds.

Flatirons Vista

One of our favorite areas-Flat Irons Vista! This area is perfect for an easy hike with great views. The best time to elope here is in late spring/early summer when it’s not too muddy or too hot. Also most of the flowers will be in bloom making it the picture perfect spot for your elopement in Boulder!

El Dorado Canyon State Park

We feel like this state park gets often overlooked! This is the park where Hugo and I fell in love with hiking! I visited when I was just in high school then years later introduced it to Hugo. It’s the perfect mellow spot that offers great views, a river and a lot of cool canyon views! Our favorite hike there is Rattlesnake Gulch.

Boulder Falls

If you were looking for waterfalls, Boulder has one of those too. Boulder falls is a short hike away from Boulder canyon. It is a great location to read your vows to your partner and get some fun water pictures. Visit during the summer to cool off or visit in the winter for a frozen waterfall adventure. If you elope here during the week is best!

Artists Point

Looking to stay away from the crowds at Lost Gulch? Artist Point is not too far away and you can still get those pretty Mountain View’s on your elopement day. It is a short hike to get to it but having a more secluded location is always worth it. Bring a fun picnic and eat some brunch or lunch at one of the picnic tables that are around the area.

Braniard Lake Recreation Area

Braniard Lake Recreation area is technically in Ward, Co but it is such a short drive from Boulder that it has to be added to the list. The area has so many amazing spots we can name them all on one post. It is a versatile area that can be suitable for any type of elopement! It is best to visit this area during the week and only open June- Mid October.

Red Rock Lake

Okay we will give you a spot from Braniard Lake Recreation area! Red Rock Lake is a walk away from the winter lot in the area. It also has a small parking lot in front of it making a perfect spot for a two person elopement. You can explore around the lake and get some nice views of the Indian Peaks with less crowds.

The Peoples Crossing

Formerly known as Settler’s Park, The Peoples Crossing is a perfect location for your Boulder Elopement if you are looking for something with unique rock formations and mountain views. With just minimal hiking you can find a scenic spot to read your vows and maybe climb the rocks afterward for some epic shots.

the peoples crossing

Gross Reservoir

Want to add some water fun to your elopement day? Gross reservoir is large body of water on the west side of Boulder. It is surrounded by mountain views and a great location for a paddle boarding or fishing elopement.

South Mesa Trailhead

South Mesa Trail is a super popular hiking trail in Boulder and for good reason. It has an awesome view of the Flatirons and it is accessible year round. If you love this location and want some privacy, we recommend eloping here on a weekday at sunrise!

Local Spots

It’s impossible to add all of our favorite spots on this post! There are so many areas in Boulder that offer amazing views and are perfect for elopements and are much more secluded. Some require a hike, some are drive up and we work with couples to help them find the perfect one for them. If you are looking to elope in Boulder, let us help you plan this thing. Contact Us to get started!

Looking for other Colorado Locations? Check out other places you can elope in Colorado and if you need some planning help check out our Colorado Elopement Planning Guide.

Venues For Elopements That Include More Than 8+ Guests

Most outdoor elopement locations can accommodate 10 people or less for your elopement. If you are looking to have 10 + people present (including vendors) at your elopement ceremony, reserving a ceremony area for your elopement is always the safest and best idea! Here’s a few locations that are great for groups of 10+ people.

Places To Stay In Boulder For A Unique Elopement Experience

We didn’t forget about the cool places you can rent out to stay in Boulder for your elopement! It is super important to have a nice place that you can use as getting ready space and maybe a mini moon! A few things to consider when choosing a space are: Does the space have good natural lighting for photos? Does the interior design mesh with your elopement vision? Here are a few unique places that we would rent out if this was our elopement:

Things To Do In Boulder

Like we mentioned, Boulder is a mountain town with a lot of amenities. It should definitely be a top choice for couples ho want a bit of adventure and city life activities meshed in one. Here are a few ideas that you can incorporate on your elopement day or do while you are spending time here:

  1. Hot Balloon Ride At Sunrise For A Prime Mountain View
  2. Stand Up Paddle Board At Boulder Reservoir/Gross Reservoir
  3. Hike Up Mt. Sanitas For Some Amazing Scenery
  4. Bike Ride Through Boulder Creek Path
  5. Spend The Afternoon Exploring Pearl Street Mall
  6. Try Eating Something New At One oF Boulder Many Unique Spots

Dining + Breweries In Boulder

If you consider yourself wanna be foodie because you love food like us, Boulder is going to be the place to be after your fun elopement day. The food options are endless and there’s something for every one. Here’s a few popular spots to check out:

Things You Must Know About Eloping Here

Leave No Trace

The more popular outdoor elopements become the more we need to talk about leaving no trace ethics. It is super important we leave each location just as we found it so that we can continue to enjoy them for years to come.

Traffic + Parking

Boulder is a busy town mainly because of its close proximity to Denver and the mountains! Please account traffic and limited parking in popular areas especially on the weekends.

Very Busy Weekends

This is true for most of Colorado. Weekends are extremely busy so if you decide to elope here we highly suggest choosing a weekday!


Boulder and the entire state actually is very dog friendly! They can even sign as witnesses on your marriage license and many restaurants have outdoor areas that allow dogs 🙂

Altitude Sickness

If you are worried about altitude sickness, we have good news! Boulder is great for out of staters because it sits at around 5,300 ft above sea level meaning it is much easier to acclimate to than other cities in Colorado. It is less likely that you will have altitude sickness but it can still happen so make sure you are prepared and take it easy.

Real Elopement Galleries In Boulder, Colorado

Looking For A Boulder Elopement Photographer & Videographer?

We are Laura + Hugo your future roaming buddies and Boulder elopement photographer & Videographer! If you are looking for someone to help you find an epic location in Boulder, create timelines that make sense and create epic memorable images of your elopement you’re in the right place. Let us help you have an amazing elopement in Boulder, Colorado. Contact us to schedule a no-strings attached zoom meeting to get to know you better. It is super important for us that we connect! If you haven’t already, check out our pricing before our call!

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