Resources & Planning Tips For Your Elopement Adventures

Colorado Location Planning Guides

How to elope in Colorado

Start here. This guide has all the info you need to learn how to elope in CO. Its super easy we promise.

Crested Butte Guide

The wildflowers here are what keeps us coming back. Also the mountain range.

Breckenridge Guide

The best place no matter what time of year. We can assure you there something for everyone here

San Juan Mountains Guide

Our home away from home. Thank us later

Rocky Mountain National Park Guide

Postcard worthy spots. We can argue it’s one of the best places to elope even if it’s busy.

Boulder Guide

Close to Denver with something for everyone. Epic views. Hidden gems. Best food options tbh

Evergreen Guide

Hallmark channel vibes? idk. Cute mountains, close to Denver, and a couple hidden gems.

Great San Dunes National Park Guide

This place is crazy. You think the pictures do it justice but they don’t. You just have to be there.

Loveland Pass Guide

Big mountain views without the hike. Close to Denver and you can drive up in a regular car.

Telluride Guide

If you’re looking for waterfalls and mountains this is your guide.

Ouray Guide

The Switzerland of America… Ouray is a the queen for a good off-roading elopement. also close to really cool hikes

Aspen Guide

Mountains, rivers, hikes, Aspen and the surrounding areas are some of our faves fro hidden gems in the middle of the state.

Planning Resources for CO

When to elope in Colorado

Learn more about the weather patterns in CO

A guide to winter elopements

What to expect for your winter elopement

State Park Venues

Perfect for couples that want to include family. Most of these will be suitable for up to 30 people.

Best places to elope in Colorado

Some cool spots to elope in CO if you need ideas. When you work with us we guide you through many more.

General Elopement Planning Resources

Reasons to elope

If you need more reasons to elope instead here they are.

3 fun ways to announce your elopement

Ideas for announcing your elopement. Having video wins here tbh.

How to make your elopement feel special

Some fun ideas to try.

Eloping with family

Ways to include your loved ones. Even if they aren’t there.

What is an adventure elopement?

Just so we are all on the same page

What is a commitment ceremony?

If you don’t wan’t to sign the government papers, this is for you.

How to create an elopement timeline

In case you need to know how much time you need for the day. Hint: It’s way more than 2 hours.

Online shops for elopement dresses

Some cool shops if you don’t have time to be going to the store.

Beauty tips for your outdoor elopement

Things to think about to keep yourself looking fresh

What is self-solemnization?

You don’t need officiants or witnesses to get married in CO. Yes, legally.

5 non-traditional alternatives to big weddings

This is the blog you send to your partner or family who is not on the same page yet.

Pros and Cons of eloping

Im not sure if we wrote any cons tbh but go find out

Weddings vs Elopements

Let’s see who wins

Moab Location Guides

Places to stay in Moab

Some fun spots

11 activities you can include on your Moab Elopement

For normal people not crazy base jumpers

How to plan a Moab elopement

All the deets you need to know about eloping here.

Best places to elope in Moab

Some cool spots for your desert adventure