Colorado Winter Elopements

If your dream is to elope next to white-capped mountains surrounded by a blanket of snow in Colorado –you’re going to want to stick around and read the rest of this blog for a few insider tips that will help you plan for that perfect winter elopement day! 

Colorado’s Winter Elopement Season

Although technically our winter season is around 5-6 months that doesn’t mean that you’ll find a lot of snow on the ground during all the months. Winter season in Colorado can start as early as mid-October and will last as late as early June. Since we get over 300 days of sunshine, the snow doesn’t really start to stick until the temperature is consistently cold making it more likely to have snow on the ground until January-April with an exception of the higher elevation areas (those will always have more snow for a longer period of time)!


Best Time To Elope In The Winter In Colorado

Personally, my favorite time of the year for a winter elopement has to be the months of April & May. I know it’s hard to believe that you can find snow in those months, and even the lower elevation city areas like Denver will probably be dry, but most mountain areas will have all the leftover snow from early in the season! 

Not only will it be easy to find snow, you’ll also have more agreeable weather with clear, sunny skies. Temperatures will range depending on the elevation you are at but typically in the 50’ or 60’s.

Winter Activities You Can Include On Your Elopement Day

  • Snowmobiling tours
  • Ice Skating at an alpine lake
  • Sleigh Ride tour with a Dinner 
  • Snow Tubing
  • Ice Climbing 
  • Stargazing (since the sun goes down early)
  • Ice Fishing at an alpine lake
  • Visit a resort hot springs or a natural one
  • Snowshoe one of the many trails in Colorado

Best Winter Elopement Locations In Colorado

Mountain towns make the best locations to have your winter elopement in Colorado and here are a few of my favorites:


Breckenridge is one of the more accessible towns in the wintertime for good reason! It has amazing 360 mountain view’s, awesome ski resorts, close to Denver International Airport and so much more. You can read more about it on our Breckenridge Elopement Guide!


Telluride is about 7 hours away from Denver, but if you’re looking for a location that is less traveled, with some of the best mountain views in the state- you have to elope in Telluride. It has epic backcountry activities, skiing and more!

Estes Park

Estes Park is an obvious choice because not only is it super accessible, it is also home to Rocky Mountain National Park. And who doesn’t want to get married there? You can snowshoe to Dream Lake for epic photos and enjoy all the town winter activities!

Crested Butte

Crested Butte is around 4 hour from Denver but that doesn’t make it a less popular option to spend the winter in. This beautiful town has amazing winter hikes and more.


If I can live in Leadville I would! I love this town so much. It is a more quiet town, 2 hours from Denver, has so many photo opportunities and just a great location for a quaint elopement experience!


If you’ve researched the best places to visit Colorado in the wintertime, Aspen is surely on that list. If you are big on skiing and snowboarding, you’ll have an epic time here!

Steamboat Springs

Obviously full find some hot springs at Steamboat springs, but aside from that its a great place to snowshoe, ski at night and elope!


If you’re into ice climbing, you’ll probably want to elope in Ouray. Not only do you get the mountain views, but Ouray has major Switzerland vibes. It’s not called the Switzerland of America for not reason!


You probably didn’t see Evergreen ad a town to visit during the wintertime in Colorado. But it is another one of my favorite towns for people that want to stay closer to the Denver area!

Must Have Winter Gear And Attire Tips

Choosing to elope in the winter time means you may have to bring along a few more items to make the most of your day. A few must have’s will be: Ice spikes, warm base layers, jackets, warm socks, hand/toe warmers, warm food, and a great attitude! Every elopement in the wintertime will require different gear and attire. That’s why I always make a special checklist of things that my couples need for their elopement depending on the activities they are doing that day!

Winter Elopement Packages In Colorado 

If you need a little more help with planning your winter elopement in Colorado, reach out to us so we can schedule a zoom call and talk about all of your options! Make sure you check out our packages before our call so we are all on the same page :). Happy planning!

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