Colorado Springs Elopement [A Complete Guide]

Colorado Springs Elopement Guide

You probably came across Colorado Springs when you chose Colorado as your elopement location and there is a good reason why! Colorado Springs is one of the many popular cities near the mountains that offers some of the states gorgeous scenery.

In this guide we will be sharing tips, our favorite locations to elope in Colorado Springs and more!

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Why You Should Elope In Colorado Springs

Not only is Colorado Springs a super accessible town, it is also only a short one hour drive from Denver and about an hour and a half from the Denver airport. The city itself also has its own airport so if you are looking to arrive directly there, that is also an option. Here are a few reasons why we would choose Colorado Springs as an elopement location:

  • It is open year-round making it remain a very accessible area for winter elopements in Colorado.
  • The city is surrounded by mountain views because they are so close! This really expands your location options for you elopement.
  • It is still less busy than other popular mountain towns like Estes Park of Breckenridge.
  • It is out of state visitor friendly as it is not at a super high altitude sitting at 6035ft

Best Locations To Elope In Colorado Springs

Garden Of The Gods

Of course Garden Of The Gods would be the first thing on this list! Colorado Springs is well known because of this park and for good reason. Our state has a lot of landscape variety and if you love the idea of having mountains with unique red rock formations all in one, eloping at Garden of the Gods will be perfect for you.

Pikes Peak

Theres quite a few 14,000 ft peaks that you can drive up to in Colorado, and Pikes Peak is one of them. The road up to the summit has frequent pullouts with different scenery to see. If you are looking for the ultimate Colorado Mountain scenery with not as much leg work, driving up eloping at Pikes Peak is perfect for your elopement.

Paint Mines Interpretive Park

Paint Mines Interpretive Park is not technically in Colorado Springs, but it is close enough! The rock formations at this park make you feel like its not part of this world making it the perfect spot for an elopement if you aren’t super into mountains. Check out this adventure session we photographer there to get a better vibe here.

Mueller State Park

We added Mueller State Park because state tend to get forgotten in the shadows on National Parks! Eloping in Mueller State Park offers a variety of gorgeous mountain scenery. If you are looking for the perfect fall location in Colorado Springs, this is the best place to go. The fall foliage at this park is amazing!

Red Rock Canyon Open Space

Eloping at Red Rock Canyon Open Space is like eloping at a mini Garden Of The Gods! If you have ever been to Garden Of The Gods, you know it is a very popular and busy place. If you envision the red rocks in your elopement without the crowds check out Red Rock Canyon!

Gold Camp Road

Gold camp road is a popular photo spot for good reason. You can get epic mountain views throughout and you can choose the perfect pull off for your elopement!

Helen Hunt Falls

If you are looking to add some water to your elopement day, Helen Hunt Falls is a 35 foot waterfall in Colorado Springs! It is best visited in late spring when the snow is melting and the water volume is high. It is an easy short walk from the parking lot, or you can hike to it if you are feeling adventurous!

Manitou Springs

This location is actually a small town next to Colorado Springs. Many know the area because the famous incline is located in Manitou Springs. If you are looking to stay near a historical, touristy town- Elope in Manitou springs!

Local Hidden Gems

Colorado Springs has so many amazing location to choose for your elopement. Unfortunately they don’t all fit on this list! If you are set on choosing Colorado Springs as your elopement location we can help you find that perfect elopement spot there- and anywhere in Colorado for that matter. Contact us to get started.

Venues In Colorado Springs For Elopements With Guests

Just because you are eloping doesn’t mean you can’t include some of your nearest and dearest on your day. It does however limit the locations you are able to go since most outdoor areas will only be suitable for 10 people or less. Here are a few options for those that want to have more than 10 people present at their elopement ceremony.

Cheyenne Mountain State Park

Cheyenne Mountain State Park is the perfect location for your elopement with guests in our opinion because it has a great ceremony spot for guests where they can sit as well as amazing mountain views for portraits. The permit to rent the Prairie Falcon Amphitheater is $75 Monday-Friday or $150 Sat-Sun. Check out more information about their facility rentals here.

Fox Run Regional Park

Fox Run Regional Park is also a great option for your elopement with guests. With more of a forest vibe around, it has a perfect outdoor setting for your elopement and portraits. You can rent the gazebo that overlooks a nice pond for you ceremony and it costs $284 for a 2 hour time slot. You can find more info here. You can still explore around the area and find beautiful mountain views as well!

Blackforest Lodge

The Black Forest Lodge is a great spot for your small elopement with guests. They are a Bed and Breakfast Lodge with indoor and outdoor spaces for a min reception if needed. Check them out here.

Private Home Rentals + Other wedding venues

Some great locations to host elopements with guests are private home rentals! You can choose a rental with great views and enjoy a private dinner with your guests. You can check out how you can find a private home rental here. Looking at bigger wedding venues is also a great idea. reaching out to them and asking if they offer any elopement or ceremony only packages is a great place to start.

Where To Get Your Marriage License

You can get your marriage license at El Paso County Clerk and Recorder. You can make an appointment online and it only costs $30 to get your license. The license is given to you the same day and both parties must be present with proper identification.

Dining and Breweries In Colorado Springs

Start Planning Your Colorado Springs Elopement

Planning your Colorado Springs Elopement doesn’t have to be super stressful like planning a big wedding. It is always helpful hiring vendors that can aid in planning your epic adventure! If Colorado feels like the perfect place for you, start with our Colorado Elopement Guide to get started! This will set you on the right foot when planning your special day.

Colorado Springs Elopement Packages With Together We Roam

If you are interested in hiring us to help you photograph and plan your elopement in Colorado Springs, check out out pricing and contact us so we can schedule a free, no strings attached zoom call to get started!

Meet Your Colorado Springs Elopement Photographers

Hi Friends!

We are Laura + Hugo your Colorado Springs Elopement Photographers and planning advisors for Together We Roam. We are super happy you are here! We spend so much time exploring the crevices of Colorado so you don’t have to! We are elopement experts and are here to help you craft and amazing adventure in Colorado. If this sounds like what you are looking for, Contact Us– let’s get this planning started!

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