How To Elope In Evergreen, Colorado : The Complete Guide

Evergreen Elopement Guide

So you want to elope in Colorado? Evergreen Colorado is a small, but beautiful mountain town very close to Denver that you probably don’t hear much about! It typically gets towered by the more popular mountain towns that also offer some amazing views, but if you are looking for a quaint and relaxed elopement experience- Evergreen is the place for you!

In this guide, we will be sharing tips and information on how to have an epic elopement experience in Evergreen, Colorado.

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Why Should You Elope In Evergreen?

  1. Close Proximity To Denver
  2. Year Round Accessibility
  3. Gorgeous, Accessible Views 
  4. Out Of State Visitor Friendly (for elevation purposes)
  5. A lot of things to do!
  6. Ponderosa Pine Trees (Ok this is just my unpopular opinion.. Ponderosa Pine trees are the perfect contrast for any photo background and Evergreen is a Ponderosa Pine epicenter!) 

Best Time To Elope Here

The best part about choosing Evergreen as your elopement location is that it is accessible year round! You are less likely to encounter road troubles and you get the best of both worlds when you stay there. The close proximity to Denver allows you to experience Colorado’s city life while still being nestled in the gorgeous mountains. It can be the perfect and pleasurable  location for both winter and summer elopements.

Best Places To Elope In Evergreen, Colorado

*LEAVE NO TRACE* We like to preface our suggestions by making sure that you are using LNT practices when choosing to elope at these beautiful outdoor locations! Let’s all pitch in to help keep trails and outdoor spaces beautiful for generations to come. If you don’t know what LNT practices are, check out to learn more about how you can help to minimize impact when we are enjoying the outdoors.

Alderfer/Three Sisters Park

This is one of our favorite parks! It has so many trails to go through and cute rockoutcroppins with nice views!

Permit Requirements: Yes. Photographers + Videographers need a commercial use permit. Please contact Jefferson County for special use information.

Capacity: Under 10 including vendors.

Parking: There are two parking lots that accommodate about 15-20 cars. One is on the east side and the other on the west side. Restrooms nearby. 

Tips: Weekdays are best if you are looking to have some privacy and find parking! This site gets very busy on the weekends. Make sure you bring snacks and check out Brothers Lookout when you are there! 

Evergreen Lake

If you are looking to elope near water, Evergreen Lake is the perfect spot for you! You can paddle board, 

Permit Requirements:Yes.Please contact Evergreen Recreation for special use information.

Capacity: Under 20. Check in with Evergreen recreation for more info.  

Parking: There is plenty of parking at this location- weekends can be busy. 

Tips: Visiting in the winter means you may be able to stand on the lake! Evergreen Lake is a popular ice fishing spot. If you are looking to have some shelter available, check out Evergreen Lake House. It has different rooms you can rent at an affordable rate where you can hire catering or a private chef to have an intimate dinner with loved ones. 

Elk Meadow Park

Permit Requirements:Yes. Photographers + Videographers need a commercial use permit. Please contact Jefferson County for special use information.

Capacity: Under 10 including vendors.

Parking: Decent size parking with restrooms nearby 

Tips: Visit during the week. 

Beaver Brook Watershed Trailhead

Permit Requirements: Contact Clear Creek County for more information.

Capacity:Contact Clear Creek County for more information.

Parking: Dirt parking lot. Plenty of parking-can get muddy. 

Tips: Visit during the week for a more intimate experience and hike to the lake! 

Secret Spots

Although we want to share every spot with you guys, that would simply mean we have to begin writing a book! When couples decide to work with us, we guide them through a location scouting process. We research areas that would be suitable for what they envision on their elopement day and make sure that they have the correct permits/logistics. We spend a lot of time in Evergreen and have stumbled upon gems during our hikes even withing the places stated above!  Need help with your Evergreen Elopement? Let us help you. Contact us to get started.

Venues For Elopements With Guests 

Looking to include more than 10 guests for your elopement? As you may have noticed, most public trail systems cannot accommodate elopements with over 10 people. If you want to include a few more of your loved ones on your special day, we highly recommend a place with designated rental space. Remember you can always have a separate adventure with only your partner, then meet up your loved ones for a fun mini reception! Here is a few to get you started:

Juniper Mountain House

If you are looking for an overnight elopement experience and the best of both worlds, Juniper Mountain House is the perfect option for you. They have overnight wedding packages and pretty much an all in one location. You can have your ceremony and small reception on their private property. Go the extra mile and go on a fun hike on one of their private trails without the crowds! 

Pricing: Check out their pricing info here.

Capacity: Can accommodate up to 50 guests. 11 overnight.

Highland Haven Creekside

This spot also has overnight options and elopement packages in Evergreen!

Pricing: Check out info here.

Capacity: 25 guests or less

Chief Hosa Lodge 

Give us all of the Game Of Thrones vibes for your elopement. Chief Hosa Lodge is the perfect small venue for elopements with guests. It has a cute ceremony spot and lots of pines surrounding the property.

Pricing: Check Out Rental Fees.

Capacity: Up to 90 guests

Evergreen Lake House

The Lake House is a perfect spot for a rustic elopement with guests. You can rent the smaller room to host a small private dinner and get photos around the lake! 

Pricing: Lake House Rental Fees.

Capacity: Up to 200 guests. Smaller rooms can be rented in the lake house based on the amount of guests you have. 

Private Home Rentals

Another option is to find private home rentals in Evergreen. Check out our Private Home Rental Guide to guide you with finding the perfect rental for you.

Colorado Elopement

How Many Hours Do I Need For An Evergreen Elopement?

Elopement timelines can vary depending on what you want to plan and experience for the day! If you want to make your elopement day feel special, planning activities that are fun and meaningful to you is the best way to go. Check out what your timeline can look like for your Evergreen Elopement. 

12:00 pm-Start Getting Ready Photos

1:00 Begin Driving Your Scenic First Look Location

1:30 pm- Arrive at trail location

1:45 pm- Set up for first look between the gorgeous Ponderosa Pine Trees 

2:00 pm Finish up first look and begin to hike to ceremony location 

2:45 pm-Arrive at the beautiful overlook and begin your ceremony with loved ones

3:30 pm-End Ceremony + Congrats Hugs

3:45 pm- Begin Family Photo Session 

4:15 pm- End Family Photo session + Begin to hike to secret pot for private vow reading

4:45 pm- Find the perfect vow reading spot to say your vows

5:00 pm-Pop some bubbly!

5:10 pm- 6:10 pm- Begin official photo session

6:15 pm- Begin Hiking Down

6:45 pm- Begin drive to mini reception with private chef @ your cabin 

7:00- 8 pm Enjoy candlelight dinner with loved ones! 

As you can see, that already took up 8 hours of the day. It is a big misconception that elopements take less than one or two hours and then you are done. Elopements are just more intimate days that focus the time spent with your partner in a more meaningful way! 

Where To Get Your Marriage License 

The closest place to get your marriage license will be Jefferson County Clerk and Recorder. You will need to make an appointment to pick up your license and bring $30 with valid identification. 

Places To Stay

Things To Do 


Cactus Jack’s Saloon & Grill

Murphy’s Mountain Grill

 Beau Jo’s Pizza

The WildFlower Cafe

The Muddy Buck Cafe

 Lariat Lodge Brewing Co. 

 Evergreen Brewery & Taphouse

Creekside Cellars Winery and Cafe

How To Start Planning Your Epic Elopement Adventure

Planning and elopement is not as stressful as planning a regular wedding. It still requires a bit of though though! The first step in planning and epic adventure is hiring people to help you. We believe that choosing to elope is badass and starting out stress free by hiring professionals is the first step. If you are looking to elope in Colorado check out the guide we wrote to help you get started. Most of these steps can apply to most elopements! 

Elopement Packages For Evergreen Colorado With Together We Roam 

Check out our starting pricing here or contact us for a free consult call and our in depth pricing guide. 

Real Elopements In Evergreen Colorado

Looking for an Evergreen Elopement Photographer?

Meet Your Future Roaming Buddies!

Hey guys! We are Laura + Hugo, elopement photographers and planning advisors for Together We Roam. We spend lot of time adventuring around our home state of Colorado and other states as well( peep the Nevada pic of us!) This has helped us become the ultimate resource for couples who are choosing to be a little different and elope in the great outdoors. Let us help you plan your ultimate adventure yet by contacting us below and scheduling your free consult zoom call with us 🙂


  1. Colorado has so many hidden gems that are just as epic as the well known ones. This is such an extensive resource for anyone looking to elope in Evergreen, CO – definitely a hidden gem perfect for an intimate day!

  2. What an amazing guide to eloping in Evergreen Colorado! Definitely one of my favorite towns this state has. And the perfect location to get married.

  3. I am absolutely loving how you broke down all of these places and tips and such an easily digestible format! Couples definitely should be aware if permits are necessary, and the fact that you also included examples of elopements near Evergreen is really helpful!

  4. Oh Evergreen- how I miss you! You are so right that this gorgeous little town gets overlooked by the swarms from Denver on a regular basis. It was always one of my favorite day trips or weekend adventures when I was at CU. I never did try ice skating there- maybe a vow renewal is in our future! Thank you for all the great planning information.

  5. Oh MY, I just wish I’ll be able to visit Colorado one day soon :)) this all looks like it’s such a cool place to visit and to elope at! Awesome tips and ideas 🙂

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