Fall Engagement Session in Colorado

Fall in COlorado

If you know, you know. Fall in Colorado is gorgeous to say the least but if you have lived here all of your life like we have, you know that it one lasts a good 2-3 weeks which means you better be ready for it! Ashley and Scott knew that they wanted to have a colorful background for their engagement session but they knew that there was a probability that the odds wouldn’t be in their favor. Thankfully, when we arrived the colors where poppin’ ! Check out the rest of their gallery below!

Best Time to see fall colors in Colorado

It’s really hard to tell, but you usually need to be ready from mid September to mid October. News outlets usually give you a good time frame since it changes every year. The best thing to be open to if you are trying to get fall colors in for your engagement or elopement is to be very flexible and to fo it during the week. Fall color peeping season in Colorado is very popular and people know it doesn’t last making weekends VERY BUSY.

Places to see fall colors in Colorado

The first places to change color will be locations in High elevation. Think Mountain Passes! Here are a few of our favorite spots for fall peeping:

  • Kenosha Pass
  • Independence Pass
  • Kebler Pass
  • Trail Ridge Road
  • Last Dollar Road
  • Squaw Pass
  • Guanella Pass
  • Mount Evans Road
  • Boreas Pass
  • Peak To Peak Highway

Ideas for your Fall Engagement or elopement Session

  • Wear Warm Neutral colored outfits with maybe a couple colors that pop!
  • Bring Hot chocolate and snacks to keep you warm
  • Bring Cool a Blanket to sit on or wrap yourselves around while you watch the sunset
  • Choose a location that you can move around in and explore!

Looking for an ENGAGEMENT Photographer in Colorado?

We can help!

We actually stopped calling them engagement sessions and we now call them adventure sessions. Because our sessions are an adventure! Forget the posed and fake moments. We capture candid and fun moments while you have fun adventuring around our beautiful state 🙂

Lets Work together! Contact us to start adventuring

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