How To Elope : A quick guide for 2021

What is an Elopement?

While eloping might have been labeled as a secret or shameful marriage in the past, let us tell you that it is 2021 and that eloping is nothing but the best way to commit to your partner.

An elopement is a different way of getting married. It is not running to the courthouse and signing paperwork. Eloping helps you create an experience, tailored just to you! And if we learned anything amidst the pandemic we are currently in : experiences over things!

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Why Elope?

Eloping looks a bit different in the 20th century, and here are a few reasons why it is the best way to get married:

  • Have a wedding day that is authentic to you.
  • Create a safe space to share your love and intimate moment with one another, even if that means only you and your partner.
  • Throw away the planning stress from big weddings
  • Give yourself an experience over things that will tossed out after a big wedding day.

How To Elope : Where to Start.

1. Imagine the day

Think of this day as the absolute best date you will ever have together. This is what it is going to make it extra special for you. We can give you a million ideas, but they won’t mean as much if you don’t really enjoy those activities. Think about what the ultimate date would look like. What are you eating? What scenery do you have around you? What people did you decide to surround yourself with if any?

2. Pick a Location + Season

What did your location look like? Did you have mountains? Was it Tropical? Was it snowing? Narrow down a couple locations that fit what you imagined together. Research what the weather is like for each so it can help you pick a date as well.

3. Research Marriage laws in your location.

Do you need an officiant? Witnesses? Can you Self-Solemnize? Where is the nearest clerk and recorder? Do you need to order your marriage license or can you pick it up same day? Make sure you research everything you n

4. Begin Booking Vendors + Accommodations

Start looking for the basic but important stuff first. Think of the most basic necessities that you need to get married. Even if you are eloping in your home state we highly recommend booking a cute place to stay. It gives you a different experience and you don’t have t fix up your house for photos. This is a good time to start looking for a photographer that can help you with planning, documentation etc. Like us! Book any important vendors like officiants, florists, etc. to assure them for your date.

5. Time for the smaller details.

Plan out what activities you are including on your special day. Figure out if you need to book experiences or if you need any special gear etc. Those can look like:

  • Are you hiking to your ceremony spot?
  • Celebratory meal
  • Helicopter tour
  • Are you kayaking to your ceremony spot?
  • Atv, RZR, or any OHV
  • Snowshoeing?
  • Jeeping?
  • First dance, first look?

6. Make a feasible timeline

Elopements are not 2 hours long. They can be as long as you want them to be and we 100% advise them to be. Don’t cut your day short because you don’t think eloping is that “special”. This is still YOUR wedding day! Hiring an elopement photographer like us will help you create a timeline that doesn’t feel rushed and doable.

7. Get Married

Eloping is such an easy way to get married. If its your cup of tea you can definitely just go to the courthouse and sign the paperwork. Or you can create an unforgettable but simple elopement experience just for you. Then you are all married, Boom!

Quick Elopement Checklist

  1. Location
  2. Date
  3. Photographer
  4. Officiant ( If needed)
  5. 2 Witnesses ( If needed)
  6. Marriage License
  7. Florist, HMUA, Attire, Shoes, Rings if any
  8. Vows
  9. Travel + Lodging
  10. Plan activities
  11. Plan Food
  12. Plan guests if any

Thats it unless you are trying to be *EXTRA* which there is nothing wrong with that!

Happy Planning!

Where Can You Elope?

You can elope anywhere you’d like! Eloping allows so much flexibility on the location for your elopement. Think hiking trails, airplanes, cruises, 4 wheeling , secluded cabin elopements etc. You can literally hike to the tulles mountain and elope there if you please, especially in locations where you can self solemnize like Colorado. Check out a few popular spots in Colorado to get an idea of where you can elope!

Need help? Let us show you how to elope!

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  1. The thing I love about this is that it’s to the point! You’ve done a great job keeping an endless amount of options and conversion pieces short and sweet. Thanks for sharing…super useful!

  2. Such useful information without it seeming overwhelming! ❤️ Eloping can be as simple or extravagant as a couple wants – love how you focus on the basics! Great article, well outlined and easy to read. ❤️Love it!

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