How To Get Married At Great Sand Dunes National Park : A Quick Guide

Great Sand Dunes National Park Weddings

Did you know Colorado is home to some of the tallest dunes in North America? Great San Dunes National Park is the perfect spot for couples that are looking for something a little different than your typical mountain elopement!

If you are looking to be surrounded by endless proportions of desert vibes and sand, the great sand dunes is a perfect spot for your elopement or intimate wedding!

Why should you elope here?

We love this location! The sand dunes are one of a kind scenery that can make any elopement special. If you hike far in enough, it can seem like you are in the middle of nowhere with the love of your life! Imagine how intimate and personal your day can be in a place like this. You can backpack the dunes and spend the night surrounded by dark skies and bright stars. Then you can wake up an get ready at sunrise to then share your vows in marriage.

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How To Elope At The Great Sand Dunes

  1. Get a special use permit from the park. You can find it here.
  2. Figure out logistics. Where will the ceremony be?
  3. Be prepared. Make sure you are prepared for weather changes!

If you are looking to elope here, there are a few steps you need to take:

When is the best time to visit The Sand Dunes?

The sand here can be very hot during the summer time, making it pretty dangerous to be out in the heat too long! The best times to visit this park will always be at sunrise or sunset. This will ensure it is not too hot to explore around the dunes.

Months like September and October are also great if you are looking to have a cooler midday wedding!

Tips For Your Great Sand Dunes National Park Wedding

  • Get pictures at the dunes and if you want a different adventure, chem out Medano Pass and Zapata Falls for different scenery!
  • Rent out an Airbnb and buy all of your food before! The nearest grocery store is 30 minutes away.
  • Make sure you go stargazing at the dunes Its pretty epic and bring snacks!
  • Wear bug spray in the summer!
  • Theres only a few public restrooms, so go before you begin exploring.
  • This is the only national park where dogs are allowed, so bring you pup and while they are there let them be your witness and sign your marriage license!

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