How To Make Your Elopement Feel Special

Ideas To Make Any Elopement Special

How To Make Your Elopement Day Feel Special

Imagine if you had a day with no limitations whatsoever, what would you do? We are so used to thinking that our day will only be special if it includes meaningless time filling activities or traditions that we honestly do not believe in. This all leads to making you feel the simplicity and the realness that an elopement can bring FEEL like just a little less than what the world says your day can be. It is hard not to come by this question after making the decision to elope, especially when we have all been conditioned to believe that marriage = a big wedding celebration. 

But the truth is, there isn’t a special formula to follow that will make your day special, even if you decide to have a big wedding. Making your day special will be dependent on you and how true you want to stay to yourself. Imagining the possibilities and dreaming up a day that describes your love the most is the best way to make any day feel special! We do have a few ideas that can help though, and you will find those below:

Unique Elopement Ideas That You Should Include On Your Special Day 

1. Treat Yo’ Self

If you can choose a day where you can do anything you want, you would end up treating yourself. Eat your favorite food, get pampered, and enjoy activities that you love! 

2. Customize Your Wedding Vows

This is a no brainer! Make your vows personal and read them to your partner in a secluded forest for a more intimate experience. 

3. Think About A Location That You’ve Always Wanted To Go To.

How many times do you catch yourself eyeing an awesome place but havent had the chance to visit? Use your elopement as an excuse to visit somewhere you have never been to before. Make the day an adventure in a new place!

4. Start The Day With A Yummy Breakfast 

This goes back to making your elopement a whole day! Start the day intentionally with great breakfast as part of your activities.

5. Hire An Elopement-Specific Photographer 

Planning an elopement shouldn’t feel stressful but it still requires a bit of planning. An elopement-specific photographer can be a great resource to outsource things like location planning, permits, logistics and timelines. You can’t go wrong with hiring out a professional with these things! 

6. Get A Dope Highlight Video For Your Announcement 

Hiring an elopement videographer will help you create a magical highlight video that you can share with loved ones who couldn’t be there and relive your day in less than 5 minutes!

7. Go On A Scenic Hike And Have A Picnic 

We always suggest to our couples to fill their day with things that they would include on a special date. How many times do you get to have a nice picnic surrounded by gorgeous landscapes?

couple hiking on their elopement day

8. Get Ready Together

Most couples who are eloping don’t have guests present on their day. Instead of having a formal first look, get ready together with intimate photos to remember! 

9. Wear Your Dream Wedding Outfit-Even If It Is Not White

Compliment the landscapes! Have you ever seen a black wedding dress in the desert or snow capped mountains?

10. Stay In A Fun Airbnb

Have you seen those tree house rentals in Oregon? Or the Jungle Glamping in Tulum? That would be an unforgettable experience!

11. Rent An ATV And Off-Road To Your Ceremony Location

Off road up to a scenic location in your elopement attire and say your vows on top of the world without the hike!

12. Elope Under The Stars

Include some awesome astrophotography for your elopement. Imagine getting married under all the millions of stars and galaxies wearing a glittery dress that shimmers at moonlight? 

13. Decorate Your Own Cake Together

Did you know places like Cak the Bakery in Denver sell mini cake kits that you can decorate together on your elopement day? Make a cake together and then eat it after! 

14. Have Celebratory Drinks

You already know popping some bubbly would be on here!

15. Make It A Whole Day Date

The biggest take away from these ideas is to make the day a date from the moment you wake, to the nap and until you fall asleep!

Elopement Activities That Include Family + Kids

eloping with guests

We know some elopement include your loves ones so here’s a few ideas to help make the day feel special for you while still including them:

  • Share A Celebratory Meal With Them
  • Have A First Look With Your Parents
  • Request Letters Or Videos From Your Loved Ones To Read/Watch On Your Elopement Day
  • Livestream Your Ceremony On Facebook
  • Appoint A Special Person To Take Care Of The Kids
  • Include Your Loved Ones On One Of Your Elopement Activities 
  • Split Up The Day Or Use Two Days 
  • Let Them Help You Get Ready

How Do You Start Planning An Elopement That You Will Love?

Planning an elopement that you will love will require you to think outside of the box. Oftentimes when people think about eloping they automatically associate it with a courthouse ceremony or a 2 hour ceremony and photoshoot. 

Eloping is not that anymore and the possibilities are broad enough to make the day specialized just for you. Make your elopement day an experience that you’ll never forget. 

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Hola Friends!

We are Laura + Hugo and we know that you really want to ELOPE!

Theres a huge misconception about elopements being a courthouse quickie or just a quick photoshoot to have memories type of day BUT we are here to let you know that it is not the case!

Eloping has transformed into something more than just signing a marriage license and calling it a day and we are here to help shift the mindset about what marrying your best friend should look like!

Imagine having the best adventure of your life as your wedding day? Let us help you plan an awesome and unforgettable experience and document it all! Looking to plan an epic Colorado Elopement? Check out our Colorado Elopement Guide and Contact Us to get started!


  1. My husband and I eloped five years ago and did a lot of the things on your list, but this blog post makes me want to do it all over again and include even more things! This is such a helpful resource for people who know they want to elope, but have no clue what to fill their day with!
    p.s. I am in LOVE with the two photos at the top, especially the one with the rain! So beautiful!

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