Intimate Wedding at Tapestry House Fort Collins

Wedding Day At Tapestry House

Intentional is an understatement. If there is something that small weddings offer it is purpose and intimacy. They let us be free to be ourselves without having a big productions squeezed into a tiny timeline. Hannah and Dallin knew that they wanted something small and intimate for their wedding day. When we met them, we knew that everything about them as a couple was built on intent and respect for one another. We literally called them the cutest couple we ever worked with, not because our other couples aren’t cute but because these two are a different level of it. If there’s anything that we value it is staying true to yourself. We believe that your wedding day should be completely about you in every aspect and detail. We often get dragged into doing what society wants from us all while losing a little piece of who we are. When we arrived to Hannah and Dallin’s venue, we immediately knew it was perfect for them!

Outdoor Wedding Ceremony

Their day started out getting ready at Tapestry House in Fort Collins, Colorado. They had a beautiful fall themed ceremony planned with their closest family and friends and pumpkins of course! The venue they chose allowed them to opt for an outdoor ceremony (which we love!) It boasted in flower gardens and tall mature trees surrounding the site. It was beautiful as Hannah walked down the aisle to Dallin. Everything seemed so fitting and so “them”.

Tapestry House Wedgewood Weddings Review

Tapestry House definitely exceeded our expectations for a venue. It has very victorian but nature feel. They did an outstanding job incorporating a nature feel to the entire venue making it easy to get amazing pictures! The people running the place also made the day run seamlessly. If you are looking to get married there, we definitely recommend! The ceremony followed with a beautiful reception in a white canopy a few steps away. They ate and danced the day away before Hannah and Dallin were sent off by bubbles! 

Fun Fact:

After we finished editing this entire wedding gallery, we came to such a heartwarming realization. We haven’t told Hannah or Dallin about this so we hope they read it here on their blog to find out. I was in Hannah’s room getting some quick pictures of her getting ready and I decided to take a few of her looking at herself in the mirror adjusting some makeup. What we realized was that at the exact same time 9:05 am 10/3/19, Dallin was also looking at himself in the mirror fixing his hair. This small detail just warmed my heart. We just thought it was just another thing to add to the day after the fact. It is something so small that we think is so special and crazy that both Hugo and I clicked our shutter buttons at the exact same time capturing pretty much identical images. Check those out below!


Laura Bertaud