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Moab is the sort of place the sticks with you

the way sunrise hits the red stone

the stars that go on forever

the truly wild feel of exploring a landscape that feels EPIC

Ditch the crowds

Virtual → Reality


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Sunset Off-Roading in the backcountry

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Sunrise adventure at Looking Glass Arch

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Red Earth Venue elopement

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Moab Elopement Photography + Videography Packages

You’ve got questions? We’ve got answers

Yes! You can totally bring your family and friends on your elopement day and we can help you figure out a way to plan the day in a way that makes the most sense. We do not however take on elopements that are over 13 people, this # includes both of you.

We do photograph intimate weddings as well, we just don’t help you with location planning. If you want to have more than 13 people total, it will be considered an intimate wedding and you would have to have a location that has the capacity to host the number of guests you have. Here are a few suggestions: small wedding venues in CO.

Yes, you need an officiant and witnesses to legally marry in Moab, Utah. Hugo and I are ordained so we typically are able to sign your marriage license legally but we do not perform actual ceremonies. If you want an actual ceremony you need to hire an officiant. If you are looking to have a ceremony similar to self- solemnization in Colorado, we can help you by signing as an officiant and a witness. You’ll only need one witness that we can probably find on the trail!

We can’t control mother nature, if we could we totally would though! The weather is generally predictable in Colorado, however in the mountains it can change without notice. We always implement Plan A,B, and even C so that we can manage out way from shitty weather, but if we exhaust all of our options on your day and there is no chance of getting around it, we give you next day weather “insurance”. We never book elopements back to back so that the next day is always open just in case.

Nooo you do not have to be super active or fit to work with us. If you want to hike and have never hiked before or want to do something active that you haven’t tried yet we are 💯 in! There are locations for EVERYONE all over Colorado whether we have to hike, off-road or canoe our way to it. Be assured that we will recommend spots that we feel are doable for you with full transparency of what you would be getting into before hand. Don’t let appearances or other people fool you into what you can or can’t do. We will make sure to prepare you as well as we can 🙂

Yes there is a $2500 retainer fee to book your date and a signed contract.

Yes we do! we know how to photograph and film in various types of locations and lighting.

Typically, you will receive 150-400 photos depending on the hours of coverage you choose. For video, most films are 3-7 minutes also depending on the amount of coverage you have with us.

We usually book 1 year out from your preferred elopement date. You can book as little as 2 months out with us as well as long as we have availability!

Moab has got to be seen to be believed We are pumped to help you make it feel like YOURS

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