National Park Weddings: Can You Actually Get Married at a National Park in the U.S?

To keep it short, the answer is : YES, you can get married at a National Park in the U.S

How To Get Married At A National Park

1. Choose Your Park

What landscape do you want to surround yourself around?

2. Figure out logistics

  • What season is the best at this location?
  • What restrictions does this park have?
  • Are there designated ceremony spots?

3. Apply for a wedding permit

Most if not all National Parks will have a special use permit that you will need to get before legally having your wedding there. Contact your national park for info or check their website! After you obtain your permit, you are ready to get married at a national park!

Elopement at Rocky Mountain National Park

Best National Parks To Elope In

For Mountain Elopement Landscapes

Rocky Mountain National Park | How to get married at RMNP | Website | Eloping in CO? Check out out Colorado Elopement Planning Guide

Glacier National Park | NPS Website

Yosemite National Park | NPS Website

Kenai Fjords National Park | NPS Website

Mount Ranier National Park | NPS Website

Denali National Park | NPS Website

North Cascades National Park | NPS Website

Grand Tetons National Park | NPS Website

Great Basin National Park | NPS Website

Glacier Bay National Park | NPS Website

For Desert Elopement Landscapes

Arches National Park | NPS Website

Joshua Tree National Park | NPS Website

Death Valley National Park | NPSWebsite

White Sands National Park | NPS Website

The Great Sand Dunes National Park | How to get married at the Sand Dunes | NPS Website

Zion National Park | NPS Website

Saguaro National Park | NPS Website

Grand Canyon National Park | NPS Website

Canyonlands National Park | NPS Website

For Beach Elopement Landscapes

Channel Islands National Park | NPS Website

American Samoa National Park | NPS Website

Haleakala National Park | NPS Website

For Forest Elopement Landscapes

Sequoia National Park | NPS Website

Redwood National Park | NPS Website

Congaree National Park| NPS Website

Smoky Mountains National Park | NPS Website

National Park Wedding Cost

Weddings at a national park are definitely more affordable than a regular venue. You can expect to pay from 100-350$ for a special use permit at a National Park. Each park has different rules so make sure you research and contact the park you are interested in for more information. Some of the parks allow you to get married only at their designated ceremony spots.This allows you to bring guests (typically under 30 people) but it makes for a better experience because you won’t be fighting for your spot with other potential eloping couples or people.

Sample Cost for a National Park Wedding for 2 with Together We Roam:

  • Special-Use Permit: $100-350
  • Florist: $200
  • Attire: $300-1000
  • HMUA: $250
  • Marriage License:$30
  • TWR Photographer: $4800-8800
  • Dinner/ Lunch : $200

Pros and Cons To Getting Married In National Parks

We love us some national parks, but it’s always good to know the pros and cons to see what to expect if you get married there.


  • Epic Landscapes
  • Adventure Opportunity
  • Affordable
  • Get the best photos, that’s the only thing that matters right?
  • Help support the National Park Systems
  • You can bring family
  • Some areas are reservable
  • You can have a place to visit for your anniversary


  • Crowded
  • Unpredictable weather & everything is outdoors
  • No dogs allowed
  • Designated Ceremony Spots

Tips For Your National Park Wedding

Be Prepared.

Making the decision to have national park wedding means you need to be prepared for anything related to the outdoors. Think about the wildlife you can encounter, the weather and what shelter would be available to you.


This should be a no brainer. Make sure you check the bathroom situation near your ceremony spot especially if you have guests.


Since your wedding will most likely be outdoors, make sure you and your guests are following Leave No Trace. This helps our parks keep clean and ensure the future use of these locations


Many parks will not have enough parking to accommodate many cars. Make sure you research what parking is like especially if you have guests.

Ceremony Locations

Some parks only have designated ceremony locations. Make sure you are okay with the areas that are provided before choosing a park.


Where is you ceremony location? Will you have to hike to it or is it right off the road? Make sure you are prepared and your guests as well!

Entrance Fees

Most National Parks require an entrance fee apart from your special use fee. Make sure you and your guests are prepared for that fee and check if cards are accepted!


Not sure where to have your reception? Some parks have outdoor picnic areas that can be rented to have a brunch with your guests!

Need an elopement photo & video team for your National Park Wedding in Colorado or Moab?

Hola, we are Laura & Hugo!

We love that you want to start your love story at an epic National Park! Our job lets us help you find that perfect spot where you can share your vows and get married! (We also help you get pretty dope pictures & video too) National Parks are some of the most scenic and easier areas to get married in. If you love the idea about getting married next to Rocky Mountain National Parks epic mountains or next to the epic red rock formations at Arches National Park, let’s work together!


  1. This info is AMAZINGGGG for planning an elopement!!! Thank you for taking the time to put this together – it’s so helpful and I’m loving those beach locations 🙂

  2. This post is full of helpful information! Thank you for putting all of this together! Now all your couples need to get is that National Park Pass, get married, and then road trip honeymoon to all the other parks, since how could you ever choose just one 😉

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