Online Shops For the Perfect Elopement Dress

Dress shopping can be SO exhausting! Especially when it is for your wedding or elopement. Although one can argue that shopping at a physical store for your dress can be helpful if you are clueless about sizing and such, ordering your elopement dress online can be a more comfortable and less stressful option for many eloping couples!

Why Buy Online?

  • You can try on dresses from the comfort of your home through some shops
  • You can support a small online business ( Etsy, etc.)
  • You don’t have to drive to 20 places to find “the one” (Saving time!)
  • You won’t feel the pressure to pick a dress that you don’t feel is the best you
  • It is easier to compare pricing without judgment
  • Return policies can be better

Picking an Elopement Dress

Elopements are not like regular weddings. Think about how you want to feel that day! If you are eloping, there is a big chance you are a more mellow, laid back type of person. What kind of dress do you think would reflect that?

  • Can you move well in your dress?
  • Do you think you can wear it for hours?
  • Can you pack that dress to your destinations?
  • Does it make you feel confident about yourself?
  • Can you slip into this dress by yourself?

Types of elopement dresses

There’s different types of dresses for every occasion. When thinking about the type of elopement dress you might need there are a few considerations you might want to go over. Think material, dress length, sleeve length and consider weather.

Best Elopement-Friendly Dress Fabrics:



  • Lightweight
  • Great with lighting
  • Great movement in photos
  • Great for adding volume to a dress with out the weight
  • good for summer elopements


  • Tears Easy
  • Collects Outdoor Debris and sticks VERY easy



  • Lightweight
  • Good for summer elopements
  • Not as fluffy as Tulle, but it can be


  • Creases and wrinkles VERY easily



  • Lightweight
  • Great for Summer
  • Great Movement


  • Can snag on objects
  • Some can be very sheer/transparent
  • Wrinkles easy



  • Doesn’t wrinkle easily
  • Great for a boho look
  • Lightweight


  • Hard to alter
  • Could snag on things easily



  • Great for cooler weather and warm weather
  • Lightweight
  • Breathable
  • Doesn’t wrinkle as easy


  • Expensive
  • Can Wrinkle if folded for too long



  • Durable
  • Great for cooler weather
  • Comfortable


  • Heavy fabric
  • Prone to creasing

Dress Length and Dress Sleeve Length

When looking for your elopement dress there are a few things you should consider to choose the length of your dress and sleeves:

  1. Your Shoes. Do you want to cover them up?
  2. Will it be cold?
  3. Can you move properly with that length?

Best Online Shops For Elopement Dresses

Shops With The Perfect Dresses To Elope

Shop Price Range
BHLDNUp To $2500
ReformationUp To $600
Coco MelodyUp To $2000
Grace Loves LaceUp To $3300
Daci GownsUp To $4250
Leanne MarshalUp To $4000
Rue De SieneUp To $4250
Dreamers and LoversUp To $2400
Nordeen BridalContact For Info
Flutter DressesUp To $600
ReclamationUp To $1,300

Plus Size Elopement Dress Shops

ShopPrice Range
TorridUnder $400
BHLDNUnder $2500
Blush Fashion On EtsyUnder $600
ASOSUnder $300

Budget Friendly Elopement Dress Shops : Under $300

Here are a few awesome online shops that carry dresses for eloping under $300. Another tip when looking for more affordable and casual dress options is searching for different terms like “white maxi dress” or ” color maxi dress” instead of searching for wedding dresses.

ShopPrice Range
LulusUnder $300
ASOSUnder $500
JJ’s House Varies

Wedding Jumpsuits/Suit Shops

ShopPrice Range
LulusUnder $100
ASOSUnder $300
Banana RepublicUnder $300
Bundle and KeepUp To $1300


  1. Thanks for including the section of dresses under $300! These are all such great recommendations – I’ll definitely be checking these out for my vow renewal!

  2. This is really a great resource for brides who are wedding dress shopping! I really like how you included some questions to ask themselves to find a dress that is perfect for them!

  3. This is super useful. My fiancé has been looking for this kind of info for way too long… thanks for sharing!

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