Planning Your Post-Elopement Party

Should you plan to have a celebration after your elopement?

If you are someone who wants to celebrate your marriage with your loved ones, but still want the intimacy and just us experience of eloping- You should definitely plan to have a post elopement reception!

Planning a celebration after you elopement is a great way to include the people who you might have wanted present when you married the love of your life!

Reasons to plan an elopement reception:

  • You want to celebrate with friends and family.
  • You want to get married in a certain destination and it’s simply not accessible to invite guests.
  • It takes away from wedding planning stress when trying to fit everything one day.
  • It is more affordable. You don’t need a special wedding venue for this
  • Covid-19 ruined your big wedding celebration but you still want to get married

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How to plan a post-elopement reception

1. Plan When You Want To Have Your Party

2. Decide If You Want To Have A Gift Registry

3. Find The Perfect Location To Celebrate

4. Send Elopement Announcement Cards + Celebration Invite

5. Plan Out Reception Activities

When To Plan Your Elopement Reception

Take your time. Planning a reception later will be less stressful than planning a reception right after your elopement. Many couples like to take 6 months to a year, even two.

Waiting to plan your reception allows you to focus on creating the perfect elopement day without time constraints related to budgets. You can have the elopement you dream of then save up for a reception later in the year.

Ideas for your reception after eloping

Plan A Family Get Together In Your Home

This is a great option if you just bought a home or plan on buying one shortly after your elopement. Have a house warming party and a small BBQ style reception!

Rent and AirBnb or VRBO

There are so many private home rentals in gorgeous locations where you can host retreat style receptions! Have your guests stay the night or create a brunch style reception with games in the yard or maybe even a bonfire! This is more suitable for receptions with less than 50 guests.

Make A Big Restaurant Reservation At A Fancy Retaurant

If you want to keep it simple, rent out a space at a restaurant where you can have a sit down celebration dinner. Have some toasts after and call it a night!

Play Your Elopement Ceremony Video At Your Reception

If you really want to include your family in your wedding day, make sure you get ceremony footage of your elopement! Then play it as part of a scheduled reception activity so your guests feel like they where part of your day!

Have A Letter Reading “Ceremony” With Your Family

If you don’t record your ceremony, creating a separate ceremony that does not require an officiant would be a letter reading ceremony. Ask your parents and other special people to write letters to you both and have them read it to you in lieu of speeches . Or you can collect all the letters and read them aloud with all your guests!

Make An Elopement Photos Slideshow

This is a no brainier. Show off those epic shots and show your guests why eloping was the best decision for you!

Include A Few Family Wedding Traditions

Just because you eloped doesn’t mean you can’t include traditions. Cut that cake, have a first dance etc.

What to wear to your post-elopement party

Four words:

Wear The Dress Again!

Or whatever you wore for your actual elopement. You didn’t spend all that money to wear something once. Wear it again! Have it dry cleaned and show off your fancy clothes!

If you decide not to wear it again, look for inexpensive and simple dresses!

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  1. I love this! So much helpful advice for couples looking to have a post-elopement party! It’s SO relevant in this day and age, so great job!

  2. I think this is great info. I’ve always imagined having a family dinner after my own vow renewal since the ceremony itself will be just be me and the hubs. Thanks for the affirmation!

  3. I love this so much!! I know a lot of couples had their plans derailed and while they enjoyed eloping they were also excited to celebrate with family, so this is an awesome alternative to the big wedding. I love the airbnb or VRBO idea. It makes for such nice cozy vibes!

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