Point Dume State Beach | Foggy Adventure Beach Session

Foggy Beach Photo Session at Point Dume State Beach

Point Dume Cove Trail Advenure

Check out this adventure session with our friends Francine and Kevin! We spent a foggy afternoon with these two in Malibu, California. We didn’t have a plan as to what we were doing when on our drive we saw this perfect looking hill overlooking the ocean and we just had to stop for some photos. The small hill had an amazing overlook with a beautiful shore surrounded by rocks. We hiked up the short trail and adventured around the cliff side as we watched a few dolphins jump up from the ocean shore. We didn’t get lucky that day with killer Malibu mountain views because of the fog, but it gave it and awesome view!

We were definitely surprised that on a Saturday afternoon this spot wasn’t swarming with people. It was definitely a busy beach but it comes to show that you can always find gems if you just walk a little further, or climb a little further. It’s like that saying of the apples on trees you guys know? The low hanging fruit is the easiest to get but the one you have to climb for is better and untouched? No? Okay lol.

Point Dume Parking and Trail Logistics

There are a few ways you can get to Point Dume. you can make it easy and difficult at the same time. The trail is about 1.5 miles long and 198 ft in elevation gain. Not too bad and completely doable! The entrance to the trail is near a residential area and it only provides ten 2-hour parking spots which may contribute to less people being on the trail (aka win win). There is a lot to explore beside the overlook. Along the hill you have a boardwalk leading to a deck that overlooks the seashore and is another perfect spot for sea watching. I have read that this spot is a great area for whale watching in the spring, along with sea lions and dolphin watching as well! The trail takes you to both sides of the cliff providing two completely different scenes on both sides. It it definitely a spot to explore.

Oceanside Elopement Inspiration at Point Dume

We would definitely advocate for this location as an easy ocean side Elopement location. Imagine hiking up to the cliff side of Point Dume and saying your vows to your partner, partly on top of the world all while surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and the mountains that surround the shore around Malibu. You decide to take a stroll through the hike and find the perfect location for your sunset picnic. Or maybe you want to rappel of the cliff side (yes you can do that) in your wedding attire! It definitely sounds like the perfect spot to do that!

Leave No Trace Information

A lot of times we see so many awesome locations and we just want to share with every one because we believe everyone deserves to see the natural beauty of the world. Yet we need to be mindful as a business that supports restoration of our ecosystems and most importantly preservation as well to who and what we share on social media. If you do decide to elope or visit this location and you want to see the beauty it brings to your life make sure you follow LNT rules to keep it beautiful!

  • Make sure you stay on the trail

  • Respect any restoration signs that are put there by the city

  • Respect Wildlife – do not bother them, don’t feed them, don’t try to get their attention etc. That is their home how would you like if I go to your house and just walk in and try to feed you or make you look at me for a picture?

  • Try to stay on durable surfaces, don’t step on shrubs or grasses natural to that area just because it look cool. We don’t know how long that grass/ shrub took to actually grow and what benefits it brings to that area, or if it is food for animals etc. Don’t ruin things to look cool.

  • Leave what you find, do not start moving things for your convenience unless its human made trash then yes take it please.

  • Be considerate of others. You don’t own this location and it is for everyone to enjoy.

  • Just be nice to the location guys!


If you decide to elope here make sure you acquire any permitting that you may need to perform any of those things. You don’t want to have your day ruined by not being able to perform your ceremony at any location because you didn’t ask permission! Most adventure photographers should be able to help you with that stuff!

I hope this post brings some inspiration to anyone who wants to have an adventure by the beach or get married adventurously!

Happy Planning!