A Guide To Rocky Mountain National Park Elopements and Weddings

As one of the largest parks in the United States boasting 265,769 acres full of forested mountain ranges, alpine lakes and high road passes Rocky Mountain National Park is the perfect location to host your Rocky Mountain wedding or elopement. We filled this guide with planning tips, how to get your wedding permit and more!

Why Should You Elope At Rocky Mountain National Park?

There are so many great reasons to get married at Rocky Mountain National Park. The main reason being that the park itself has some of the most amazing scenery in the state and maybe the country. Rocky Mountain is one fo the most visited national parks and there’s a reason why! It is open year round meaning you can get the most out of this location for your Colorado Elopement. Also, getting married in a National Park has its perks:

  • It is affordable. The fee to get married at the park is only $300. That is not even close in comparison to a traditional wedding venue.
  • You get to help the park system with your reservation. Think of your reservation money as a donation. Many of our public lands are maintained by these donations to keep them beautiful everytime we visit. It feels great to contribute to the places we love to enjoy!
  • You can get the adventure experience you want. Rocky Mountain National Park is home to amazing alpine lakes, mountain views etc. Some require you to hike to them. You can make your day an adventure by spending time hiking to a gorgeous location and popping some celebration bubbly!
Upper Beaver Meadow Ceremony Site

How To Get Married At Rocky Mountain National Park

Are you ready to get married at RMNP? Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do that!

1.) Choose A Season

The season will dictate the locations you can choose to get married at. After October the park experiences a lot of snow fall making some locations inaccessible. That doesn’t mean you can’t make it an adventure and snowshoe!

Best Months To Get Married At The Park

The best times to elope at Rocky Mountain National Park will always be June-September! These months give you the most location flexibility for your adventure or portraits. Although it is our favorite, the park does get more busy during the summer months. Our other favorite is October- May because there is enough snowfall to make your day a winter wonderland. There are great and scenic snowshoeing trails so don’t let the snow discourage you from getting married in the winter season. One con in the winter is that locations like trail ridge road are closed due to excessive snow. We are talking over 5 ft!

RMNP Weather 

Weather at the park is super unpredictable. It can rain , snow and be super sunny all in the same day so it’s super important to be prepared for all seasons for a good time. You can learn more about weather in Colorado on our weather planning guide.

2.) Choose A Rocky Mountain National Park Ceremony Location

Although the park has amazing spots for your perfect wedding day, there are designated spots for your actual vow reading or ceremony. It is illegal to read vows, have a ceremony or self-solemnize at any other sites that are not on this list:

3m curve Ceremony Site
  • Best used from: Year Round
  • Capacity: 15 people
  • Parking: 3 cars allowed
  • Elevation: 8,975ft
  • Restrooms: None

Upper Beaver Meadows

  • Best used from: May- October
  • Capacity: 30 guests
  • Parking: 10 cars allowed
  • Elevation: 8,290ft
  • Restrooms: Restrooms Available

Check out Devin and Leahs Elopement At Upper Beaver Meadows

Sprague Lake

  • Best used from: Year Round
  • Capacity: 15 people in the summer | 30 people in the winter
  • Parking: 3 cars allowed in the summer | 10 cars allowed in the winter
  • Elevation:8,690ft
  • Restrooms: Restrooms Available

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Bear Lake

  • Best used from: Only Available October-May-No Weekends
  • Capacity: 20 people
  • Parking:5 cars allowed
  • Elevation: 9,475ft
  • Restrooms: Available

Lily Lake Dock

  • Best used from: Year-round
  • Capacity:10 people
  • Parking:10 cars allowed
  • Elevation:8,880ft
  • Restrooms: Available

Alluvial Fan Bridge

  • Best used from: Year-round
  • Capacity: 20 people
  • Parking: 5 cars
  • Elevation:8,610ft
  • Restrooms: Available

Moraine Park Amphitheatre 

  • Best used from: Year-Round
  • Capacity: 30 people
  • Parking: 10 cars in the summer
  • Elevation:8,160ft
  • Restrooms: None

Harbison Meadow

  • Best used from:Year-Round
  • Capacity: 30 people
  • Parking: 10 cars allowed
  • Elevation: 8,500ft
  • Restrooms: None

Copeland Lake

  • Best used from: Year-Round
  • Capacity: 30 people
  • Parking: 10 cars allowed
  • Elevation: 8,390ft
  • Restrooms: Nearby

Hidden Valley

  • Capacity: 30 people
  • Parking: Call for information
  • Elevation:9,240ft
  • Restrooms: Available

Timber Creek Campground

  • Capacity:20 people
  • Parking:5 cars allowed
  • Elevation:8,900ft
  • Restrooms: Available

Lily Lake Trail

  • Capacity: 20 people
  • Parking: 10 cars
  • Elevation: 8,930 ft
  • Restrooms: Available

Looking for other Colorado locations? Check out our Colorado Elopement Guide for more locations ideas, planning tips etc.

3. Apply For Your Wedding/Elopement Permit

The wedding permit for Rocky Mountain National Park is $300. Make sure you secure your date as soon as possible since they only allow a few weddings to take place per day and certain locations fill up very fast.

  1. Pick 1-2 spots and make sure you check capacity requirements. Remember you need to include everyone that will be present, even your vendors.
  2. Call to check availability (970) 586-1482 or (970) 586-1209.
  3. Fill Out the permit application here.
  4. Email Application to the park.

For more detailed info and FAQ’s visit the weddings and ceremonies page here.

Rocky Mountain National Park Wedding

Tips For Your Rocky Mountain National Park Elopement

Start Planning A Seamless Timeline

Now that you have secured a permit and date, it’s time to start planning your rough timeline! The best times to get married at Rocky Mountain National Park will be during the week and at Sunrise or Sunset. Weekdays tend to be less busy making your day more intimate and avoiding unnecessary crowding at the more scenic yet popular spots. Sunrise and Sunset also avoid the midday crowds and give you the best lighting possible, especially here in Colorado during the summer!

What to wear to your RMNP Elopement or wedding

We know weather is a big concern when having an outdoor wedding in a national park like Rocky Mountain. Don’t let it be a burden to your day though, embrace the weather and have an epic wedding day at one of Colorado’s most scenic spots! We can vouch that you will definitely not regret your decision. Below are just some suggestions of things you can do to make your day more enjoyable during the seasons at Rocky Mountain National Park!

  • Wear nude leggings under your dress!
  • Bring a clear umbrella in case it rains
  • Bring jackets/blankets to keep warm- make sure they are fashionable!
  • Wear base layers under tuxedos/suits
  • Have hand warmers ready for your cold hands
  • Make sure you wear appropriate footwear- warm boots or nice comfy sandals. It can go both ways depending on the weather.
  • Wear something you can actually move in if you wanted to climb rocks! Think flowy dresses and stretchy materials.

Portrait location ideas

Make your day an adventure and hike to one of the many cool locations the park has to offer! Sky pond anyone? Here’s a few great spots to explore for portraits ( and there’s many more not included).

  • Emerald Lake
  • Moraine Park
  • Dream Lake
  • Trail Ridge Road

Make sure you hire an expert photographer that can help you find the best spots for your potraits in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado!

Rocky Mountain National Park Elopement Packages With Together We Roam

We are super passionate about documenting elopement days that reflect who you are as a couple. Choosing to elope in a place like Rocky Mountain National Park need the attention of a team that can help guide you through the ins and outs of the park. With our elopement packages we help couples like you create and plan a seamless rocky mountain elopement. We also document it all so you can remember it forever. Check out our elopement packages to get started!

Looking For A Rocky Mountain National Park Photographer?

We are Laura + Hugo your future elopement photographer + videographer! We spend most of our free time exploring the mountain crevices of Colorado so that you don’t have to. We help couples like you document and plan their Rocky Mountain Elopement!

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