Videography Pricing Guide 2024

Congratulations on taking the first steps in hiring a videographer for your epic Colorado or Moab elopement! In this guide you’ll find more than just detailed pricing for videography. You’ll find a few FAQ’s at the bottom and what to expect when you work with us. We have packages that are video-only and packages that include location planning help

We are super excited for your ultimate adventure!

Colorado & Moab Elopement Collections 2024

Every Package Includes:

•No travel fees in the state of Colorado and the city of Moab

•Video coverage with Hugo

•Shareable online Vimeo link with unlimited downloads.

•4k video footage

•Video delivery within 12 weeks

•1 minute video teaser

•3-6 elopement location suggestions with permit requirements and any info you need [Only for the location planning package]

Your Next Steps

  • Schedule a free consultation call with me! The next best step is to get on a zoom call so we can get see if I am a good fit for each other. This call is SUPER important because I want to make sure that I am able to help you with your elopement plans and make sure I am the right videographer for you. Getting on a call will help us talk about what your options are, what the day can look like and a great time for us to answer any questions or concerns!

Frequently Asked Questions!

Can you help us find a location?

Yes! However we only offer location scouting and suggestions in our location planning package and for elopements under 13 people. If you plan on having more than 13 people, we have a few locations that we can share but we do not help you find a spot for your small wedding. All small wedding parties must have a location that is reservable to accommodate your guests. Most “free” outdoor locations only allow up to 10-15 people including any vendors which is why we have capped elopement guests at 13 unless you have a reserved area to accommodate more.

Do I need a deposit?

Yes, we require a 50% non-refundable retainer and a signed contract to save your date! 

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, we have payment plans available based on what you need! (please note: payment plans are not applicable to the retainer fee)

How do you handle cancelations?

As stated in our terms of agreement, your deposit/retainer is non-refundable/non-transferable. We much prefer to postpone if you are able! If we need to postpone to a later date more than 2 days from the original elopement date, we may require a second non-refundable retainer to block a new date. We do, however, refund in full if you cancel 24 hours or less after booking.

How much planning do you do? Should we hire a planner/ coordinator as well?

We only help you find the most suitable location for your elopement if you are bringing less than 13 guests and book our video & location planning package. Any elopements with more guests are better off reserving a location or renting an Airbnb that allows the capacity.

How far in advance do we need to book to do this thing?

The minimum amount of time we recommend to book is at least 3 months out although we have booked and planned elopements with just a 2 week notice! This will give you a chance to have more location options especially since most locations require permitting etc. 

Do we need a permit for certain locations? Do we pay for them?

It depends! Some locations do not require permitting but many do. We help you find out what kind of permitting is required and how to apply for it. There is nothing worse than having your day ruined by a ranger because you didn’t purchase a permit. The client is responsible for any special use permit fee.

Do I need to have a location picked to book you?

You don’t need to have a location picked if you are eloping with less than 13 people ( this # includes both of you). We will help you find an elopement location! If you are planning on having 13+ people you must find a location that you can reserve/rent out to have your ceremony. We do have suggestions but it is up to you to find/pick the location. Unfortunately some public/national lands do not allow events with many guests and some areas cannot accommodate a lot of people at once. We have found that less than 15 people total is ideal and that # includes both photographer and videographer.

Do you help me find lodging for my elopement?

We don’t help you find lodging for your elopement but we do point you to areas that could work great for your elopement!

Do I have to hike on my elopement day?

Only if you want to! There are plenty of beautiful locations that don’t require exhausting hiking or walking. We are up for anything and want you to be comfortable with the location that you choose! We will say however that for a more intimate and secluded day, hiking to a location is not that bad and you can find more unique and even more amazing views! 

Do we need to hire an officiant?

The state of Colorado does not require an officiant to get married. You may self solemnize and just read your vows to each other in an amazing spot! Laura & Hugo are Ordained Ministers as well if you decide to elope in Moab. We don’t however perform full ceremonies, we only offer the legal part of signing.

Do you travel?

Heck yes! We will travel Anywhere you take us! We travel internationally and domestic contact us for more info. Travel within Colorado & Moab is included in the packages above.

Can I include my family and friends?

Yes you can!! Theres a common misconception that elopements are secrets and that they only include you and your partner. This is not the case anymore! You can totally include your nearest and dearest!
**** If you are having more than 13 guests you are responsible for finding a ceremony and reception site that is reservable and can accommodate your guests. Most outdoor areas can only accommodate up to 10-15 people total at one time.

Do you record audio? Can we have our video without vows?

Yes, it’s up to you if you want your vows on the video or not. We are able to record anything you’d like.

What If it Starts Raining Or The Weather Gets Bad ?

Unfortunately we are not Mother Nature and she does whatever the heck she wants!! This is why we guide our couples through a planning process. We always need to have a plan A,B, possibly C.!

Do you photograph LQTBQ+ Couples?

Heck YES!! We photograph anybody who is in love !

Can I have any music I want on the video?

Unfortunately, we can only use royalty free music or we can get fined and in trouble. Unless you can buy licensing from your favorite songs, we will not be able to use it since it is considered commercial use.

How long are the videos? When can I expect to receive it?

The videos are around 3-7 minutes long depending on the coverage. Videos are typically delivered within 12 weeks or less

Do you offer full raw video of the day?

The way that I work is by filming various clips of the day and then put them together to create a highlight film. I can totally sell the raw footage to you, however it will bit a compilation of a lot of mini clips that aren’t edited and aren’t full videos of anything.

Do we get drone footage?

I do offer drone footage however it is dependent on local location rules and weather if it will be included on your elopement day. Unfortunately winds, storms and rules in most outdoor parks etc. can interfere with drone footage.