5 Non-Traditional Alternatives To Big Weddings

We get it, planning a wedding that has been lived the same way by SO many people sounds kind of boring. And if we are being completely honest, it doesn’t make any sense how millions of couples who are very different in their own way end up celebrating marriage all the same. In this article we will share a few ideas on some unique alternatives to big traditional weddings!

Breaking Wedding Traditions: What Can You Do Instead Of A Traditional Wedding?

There are so many ways you can get married without having to make a pinterest board with matching colors and fairytale themes. Here are a few ideas on how you can do that:

1. Adventure Elopement

We can tell you so many reasons why you should just elope in general but if you are looking for the ultimate big wedding alternative, having an adventure elopement is the way to go. Choosing an adventure elopement gives you the most flexibility to a day curated just for you two, celebrating your marriage doing things that you love together. A few examples of adventure elopements are:

  • Hiking Elopement
  • Paddle Boarding Elopement
  • Snowshoeing Elopement
  • Camping Elopement
  • Hot Air Balloon Elopement
  • Climbing Elopement
  • Off Roading Elopement

From our experience working with so many couples who chose to elope adventurously instead, it is one of the most fun stress free ways to celebrate! Planning an adventure elopement is also much easier especially in states like Colorado when you can self-solemnize! Check out how you can plan an epic Colorado Elopement.

2. Destination Honeymoon and Elopement

Thinking about honeymooning somewhere cool? Why not just elope there too! I don’t know about you but I would rather baecation in a cool location and get married there all in one. If you are planning to go to a country where you can’t legally get married, you can always do a commitment ceremony there and legalize stuff back home. Or you can choose a state like Colorado where you can self-solemnize and spend 2 weeks exploring and adventuring around the rockies! 

3. Small Backyard Wedding

If you have a decent sized backyard, setting up a small backyard wedding is the way to go! Hire a company that does an all inclusive planning experience and watch the magic happen! 

4. City Hall Elopement 

If you want to stick to the basics, elope at a City Hall but not in your hometown. Visit another city that has great food and drinks so you can celebrate after!

5. Micro Wedding At A Private Home Rental

There are so many homes that you can rent out for your mini wedding celebration! Choose a unique location that can give you a different but fun experience!

Planning A Non-Traditional Wedding

Let’s be realistic: planning any kind of event big or small sucks! It is stressful and takes a little bit of extra work especially when other people are involved. When planning a non-traditional wedding you might find yourself feeling pressured to include traditional aspects to your day but if we can give you one piece of advice it will be to not cave in and follow your gut. Here are the steps to planning the ultimate non traditional wedding:

  1. Set your expectations to everything untraditional 
  2. Think about all the things you and your partner love to do together 
  3. Make it a date full of those things that you love to do together
  4. Brace yourselves for any outside pushback from family or friends
  5. Have an amazing and memorable day celebrating your love with your partner

Having A Hard Time Choosing Between A Wedding Or A Day That Celebrates Just The Two Of You?

Choosing whether you should have a small wedding or elopement or micro wedding can feel like a daunting task especially when we have a variety of values. Here are some options if you are stuck between having something smaller or having the big wedding everyone is expecting:

Split Up The Day

The best of both worlds is splitting the day up. Start your day by reading your vows privately somewhere cool and then meeting up with loved ones later for a formal ceremony & party. Check out how H&B made it work for their small mountain wedding.

Get Married Now Party Later

Elope now and Include your family and friends by celebrating with them with a big reception later!

Have A Two Day Celebration

Yup, you read it right. Have a big wedding but do your own thing the next day! 

At the end of the day, big weddings are only parties for our loved ones to celebrate our marriages and not so much about us celebrating our marriages with each other. Choosing what makes you happy is always going to be the way to go!

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