What is an Adventure Elopement?

What is an Adventure Elopement anyway?

I’m sure you heard that running away and getting married without telling a soul was a thing called an elopement back then. But fortunately that is not the case anymore! As the world changes, the way we think does too. The word elopement has evolved into something more meaningful and intimate. It can be something between you and your partner, or a planned experience with a small amount of guests. It brings back what marriage is truly about which is the union of two people.  

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The guidelines to having an adventure elopement are simply doing what your heart desires with a little bit of spice! A marriage is an experience. Eloping gives you the most flexibility to incorporate the things that actually matter to you and your partner. The idea of having adventure elopements can definitely sound like crazy cliff diving or climbing fourteeners in your wedding dress, and although it can include those things- it doesn’t mean it will include them for you.. And adventure elopement can include small adventures like 1 mile hikes or drive up overlook picnics. It is a term that emphasizes the idea of including an unconventional activity to your day- like hiking in a wedding dress. Adventure elopements bring a high level of flexibility to personalize your day with things that matter the most to you. 

Imagine this: You and your partner get to choose a location (this can be your honeymoon location as well) that resonates the best with your relationship. A location that is the most “you”. This can be a mountain top, your favorite restaurant, a boat in the middle of the Atlantic ocean, a cave on a secluded island- seriously the possibilities are endless! You and your partner can choose simplicity overproduction with the only decor involved are probably a small cake and a bouquet. The single most important vendor you have is an elopement photographer and possibly an officiant ( but we are also ordained). You spend the day doing the things you love with the love of your life. You could be kayaking, hiking, dining, rappelling in your wedding dress, strolling by a beach, watching the night stars next to a campfire, you name it. You have the few most important people with you or no people at all and the day is full of meaningful activities that you and your partner will remember forever! 

As Thoreau would say:  We fritter our lives away in details. At the end of your day, the thing that truly matters is the unity that you just promised to one another. Don’t let a big party take away the celebration of what is important-your marriage. 

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