Winter Elopement In Evergreen,Colorado

Including Family As Part As Your Adventure

When we first talked to Jacalyn and Matt they where planning an awesome and intimate adventure for their elopement day in Colorado! We had plans of hiking to a spot where they can share their vows surrounded by epic scenery. Just like many other couples, they made the decision to elope instead due to the pandemic. When they started planning they realized that having a few loved ones on their special day was a very important thing for them as well as having an intimate moment that they could share alone. When Jacalyn asked us if that was possible, we said heck yes! You can experience an adventure elopement and also include your family. Jacalyn and Matt made the decision to incorporate a morning hike where they would have a first look and vows, along with some pretty cool photos. After their hike they would meet up with their family for some celebratory drinks, dinner and a family ceremony.

Mountain Top Vows In The Winter

When you choose to get married on a mountain top in the winter, things can change pretty drastically within days or hours! We originally had an awesome hike planned in Idaho Springs, but the recent blizzard and snow storms packed about 4-5 ft of snow on the trail. It’s a good thing we make our couples pick 3 different locations for their elopement- because you never know what is going to happen. They ended up going with plan B, a hike in Evergreen that was at a lower elevation. This is actually one of our favorite hikes and for good reason! We will just let the pictures speak for themselves!

After their first look at the trailhead, Jacalyn and Matt hiked through a forest of ponderosa pines to a rock outcropping overlook where they exchanged vows under snow flurries and pretty mountain views. After we snapped a few shots, the snow started to come down hard again forcing us to start making our way back to the car!

Family Ceremony At Black Stone Rivers Ranch

The best thing about splitting your day to include your family is that you can have a second first kiss! lol but in all seriousness, having a “second” ceremony with family is really the best of both worlds. Jacalyn and Matt where able to include their loved ones for a special time at Blackstone Rivers Ranch. If you are looking for a small venue to include your family, make sure you check them out!


Check out Jacalyn + Matt’s Awesome day!

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