Rustic Backyard Wedding In Denver, Colorado

Backyard weddings have increased in popularity since the COVID-19 pandemic started. After their venue fell through, T & J decided to have their wedding day in their backyard. The held a ceremony and reception along with a yummy BBQ to celebrate with their family! Thankfully they already had some decor from previous wedding planning and they were able to put together a relaxed wedding day right in their backyard. Check out their photos below!

Tips For Planning A Backyard Wedding

Just because you aren’t having a wedding at venue it doesn’t mean planning will be easier. Putting together a backyard wedding means you have to probably DIY things and use rentals because backyards aren’t exactly ready for wedding celebrations all the time. Here’s a few tips when planning a backyard wedding:

Consider an Airbnb or VRBO

If you don’t have a nice yard to have your wedding at, renting a private home may be the best way to go. Some homes have large acreage for your wedding making it easier to have a ceremony and reception.


Consider how many guests you’ll be having. A few questions to ask yourself will be:

  • Is there enough parking for your guests?
  • What about restrooms?
  • Talk to your neighbors about possible noise


Always have a plan in case the weather doesn’t want to cooperate. Having a party tent or some type of shelter is always a good idea for an outdoor wedding with guests.

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